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Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1

Confused? Here are eight differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT

On the surface they look alike, but there is a big difference between buying a tablet like Microsoft Surface with Windows RT and a tablet or PC with Windows 8
By Jesper Stein Sandal Friday, 26 October 2012 - 10:44
Microsoft has officially launched Windows 8, but probably just as important, Microsoft has also launched Windows RT, which will appear on certain tablets suite of Microsoft Surface in the lead.

However, there are some major differences between the right Windows 8 and Windows RT his half-brother, one needs to know if you are considering the purchase of a surface or another of the new Windows tablets.

1 Brand new hardware for Windows
Windows RT can only run on ARM processors. This means that Windows RT does not run on x86 and x64 processors that Windows 8 It is very important that the software on Windows RT.

ARM processors have the advantage that they have a lower energy than hitherto successful Intel and AMD x86 processors down. A tablet with an x86 processor will either a larger battery, or the user has to do with a shorter battery life.

If Microsoft makes a tablet that can compete with the iPad, which is an ARM processor, then Microsoft should also choose the ARM architecture, because there is nothing to suggest that the x86 platform spoons will bite with ARM's power on short term.

Windows RT are sold only with hardware that contains an ARM processor.

2 No old program
Once the hardware is different, so is the core of Windows RT also a little different in Windows 8 Microsoft has to make a brand new operating system and capable of all the old code found in Windows 8 has been dropping, it is necessary the windows 8 to ensure that applications can run in principle. 15 years old

This means that Windows RT can not run the old programs. Windows RT are unable to one of the programs that we can get to Windows 7 today

Windows RT can only applications that are brand new and made specifically for Windows RT and run Windows 8 In practice, this means that you can only use programs that can be purchased or downloaded for free through the new Windows Store.

One must start all over again, without old applications, and you can not install software on Windows RT that does not come from the Windows Store.

3 No plug-ins
There is simply no way to plugins like Java or Flash in Windows RT. Therefore, one of the Windows RT could not sign with NemID on a website.

It is a decision that Microsoft has taken to improve safety because plugins recent years is one of the most popular ways to distribute Windows malware. Allegedly

4 USB, but not necessarily all drivers
Own Microsoft Surface can be seen as a competitor to Apple's iPad, but the two can not be directly compared. Microsoft chose to play on some of the company's warranty card, such as backward compatibility and work use. Has

Backward compatibility of the software is gone, but Microsoft will try to existing hardware to offer. Some support

IPad has a special connection only from Apple, while Microsoft's Surface has a standard USB connector. This basically means that you can connect. Their printer, mouse, modem 4G, mobile phone, foam missile battery or fan to the Surface

However, it is one of the main issues many external USB accessories that will have drivers for Windows RT.

5 Can not log in to your corporate network
Windows RT does not support many of the features that a laptop with Windows 8 Pro will do it. So you can not log into the corporate domain with Active Directory.

You can use the same antivirus software on PCs, and on the whole, a Windows RT devices, to be more like a mobile phone or an iPad, and not as a full PC, seen by the IT department the eyes not run Microsoft Surface .

6 Full encryption
All data is encrypted from birth in Windows RT. In Windows 8, you can choose to have data, where in Windows 8 Pro for example, the included Microsoft Bitlocker encryption encrypt.

7 Office, but not the full package
Own Surface comes with Microsoft Office 2013, which has just finished. But this is only version Home and Student, which is included.

This means that on a surface does not have Outlook, but instead have a different e-mail and calendar application to use.

One should as a professional user also aware that exactly home and student version of Office may not be used for commercial purposes. It can, however, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley great escape if you use Office 365 or a volume licensing agreement with Microsoft.

8 Not for sale for the do-it-yourself
If you are the type who also loves to build a PC, or perhaps just considering upgrading a PC to Windows 8, the Windows RT is not an option.

Microsoft Windows RT would only sell directly to hardware manufacturers, and it will, unlike Windows 8 will not be possible for a system builder license, OEM, buy in bulk.

The only way to legally will be able to get your hands on Windows RT will be. Installing a piece of hardware


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