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Download Android 4.4 KitKat home and lock screen wallpapers for each device

Download Android 4.4 KitKat home and lock screen wallpapers for each device

As we work our way through the month of October is probably only a matter of time until we see an invitation for Google Nexus 5 event landing in inboxes around the world of blogging . With more and more leaks of not only hardware but also software that runs on a daily basis is apparently clear that the new Google smartphone is not too far away .

One of the latest leaks showed the Nexus 5 running the new Android 4.4 KitKat experience , and they will have noticed that the next version of the mobile operating system from Google will come up with some new funds , both for the new lock and home screens attention .

Without wasting your precious minutes , the Android community made ​​available two new funds that rely on those images have been leaked , and we must say they are some of the best wallpapers "false " we have seen . In fact , it is safe to say that can be easily leakage current 4.4 Android wallpapers as the creators had not been so honest.

Both lock and home screen wallpapers available to download now , and will look great on a wide range of devices . In fact , a writer The Intecs remain anonymous , also the new KitKat - like lockscreen wallpaper on your iPhone 5s in what can only be described as an act of defiance against the gods of smartphones . Nothing good will come of it!

If Android 4.4 KitKat and indeed the nexus five leaks continue to gain ground , the smart money is if the reports are true on a new product announcement from Google in the coming days , October 15th to be exact . Of course, if the particular Android smartphone KitKat all depends on your device and media manufacturers , unless you're packing a Nexus device present . Fingers crossed you do not wait too long .

Anyway , you can use the new lock screen wallpaper and home screen of the links below to download . Make sure you let us know in the comments what you think about them , and the device used .

Download Here

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Nectar - Portable Mobile Power Lilliputian Systems

Nectar - Portable Mobile Power Lilliputian Systems

In this current modern technology devices and consumer electronics devices ( CE ), which have battery life and can not survive these devices charging when the battery is reduced . In this state, is seriously disappointing if no power source is available to charge these devices when needed. There should be no power in places like the trains available and there would be an end to our work. There is a solution to this situation Lilliputian Systems .
Lilliputian Systems launched its new project of mobile power systems , Nectar .
Nectar is the first portable power device in the world that supplies virtually all devices up to two weeks . A USB 2.0 device can connect to the nectar and loaded with any use of caps . Nectar has it all. Nectar is a device such as a wall so, but in their pockets.

Nectar is a plug - Less ' lightweight portable device that can power electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets , MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras and many other devices.
Some things about Nectar :

  • Freed from the power outlets.
  • It can supply power for CE devices up to 2 weeks.
  • 6 times more efficient than ordinary plugs .
  • Portable and environment - friendly .
  • Recyclable , not expensive , easy to use .
  • Function " Instant Upload .

Nectar has a weight of 200 g , with a sheath weight of 35 g . If the phone is out of battery , All you need to do is insert the pod , connect the device with the USB cable and go. There, there is no need to worry about charging for 2 weeks. Instant Nectar can also recharge with an option available on the device .

The end user of Nectar There is no use of an output for providing power to the device , without having to leave your gear here for hours . Users can easily bring your own device in your pocket with the output power at the same time.
These are the members of Lilliputian Systems . Ken Lezarus - President and CEO , Mike Umana - CFO , Sam Schaevitz - Founder and CTO . TechSoulz would like to thank the Lilliputian System team for the birth of nectar.

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How To Add Facebook popup Like Box To Blogger

How To Add Facebook popup Like Box To Blogger

This quick tutorial to get you through a simple step to add Facebook Like Box on blogger.
Facebook Like Box on your blog expolsure increase your fan page to your visittors. It's a great way to get more readers to your blog. All it takes just a click of your visitors and the fact maggic. Enter the posts of the site would be visible to your readers. Appears on the Facebook timeline ...

6 Steps to Facebook Like Box For Blogger add

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click Layout
  3. Add gadgets gadget> HTML / JavaScript
  4. Enter the below code  into the Gadget.
  5. Replace facebook InformationTechnologyMagazine of the page with its own URL of the page.
  6. Then Save 

Replace Facebook Page URL highlighted in the above code to your own url Facebook.Page.

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// Animate Top
$('#KBTricksFBpop').animate({top:"50px"}, 1000);
// Widget by
$('a.kbtricksclose').click(function() {
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<div id='KBTricksFBpop'>
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<!-- Widget by End -->
<a class='kbtricksclose' href="">×</a>
<a href="">Get this Widget</a>

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Top 10 Android and iOS Games ! page 3

Top 10 Android and iOS Games ! page 3

7 . challenge escape
A fun strategy game where you looking for a room to find a way to escape . It can be used to open . Cabinets, closets and confusing quest movies numerical codes The graphics are a bit bland , but the game is so much fun you'll be hooked!

8. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

A challenging "endless run" game that will make you laugh , determined and even mourn . From the brilliant minds at Adult Swim , you can enjoy this sequel complete with a challenge of increasing the team score with millions of other players . With all the colors of a Lisa Frank notebook , this is hours of fun !

9. Asphalt 8 : Airborne

Who does not love a good racing game ? This corridor mobile has scenery incredible graphics and fun to explore . With so many options to choose from , you get a personalized experience every time.

10. Subway Surfers
This endless game allows you to race through the subways in different cities . You have to collect coins, unlock awards and there is a chance to play as different characters . The game gets harder the more you play , because it speeds up and set more obstacles .

Top 10 Android and iOS Games ! page2

Top 10 Android and iOS Games ! page2

4. Happy Street
Lab Godzi A wonderful game where you can make friends, collect things whimsical and make a life for your character . You get to build your own city and go on special missions. It's like Animal Crossing with even more things to do .


For all the old school Zelda fans out there, this could be your new game ! The action RPG takes you on a crazy adventure and you can choose from five different versions . There is a rumor that the story will continue in a sixth version , but has not been confirmed .

6 . Unblock Me

A fun puzzle game that will keep you going brains . The goal is to find a way to get a single red block to get caught in the middle of some removal find . Other blocks Once unlocked , you will reach the next level, but each level gets harder .

Top 10 Android and iOS Games !

Top 10 Android and iOS Games !

1. Fruit Ninja

You all know that we yearn for a samurai sword to the supermarket to do ? You 'll be able to get with this game Fruit Ninja all this. No more cutting to produce in the local Safeway Fruit Ninja because it has all the pleasures fruit snacks can dream .

2 . Bejeweled Blitz

Originally a Facebook application , this fast paced game is a great way to compete with other players or just a good time on their own. If you want to have a blast and develop a more agile mind , Bejeweled Blitz is a great way to go . It's like bejeweled ten times with a new presentation and toughest challenges !

3 . Pocket God

This is probably the game more fun and crazy than ever to play . Pocket God puts you in control of a group of islanders . You can only take care of them or cause all kinds of havoc on them! You decide whether you are good or bad .

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How to install and run the Android OS on Windows

How to install and run the Android OS on Windows

Want to try Android on your Windows machine , you get a sample of the latest version of Android for testing or pleasure, or even to develop applications for Android ? Whatever your needs may be , this is how you can try the latest Android in Windows .

If Android is a mobile technology platform open source , which means that anyone can access images or system code of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) . And that's what you need to run Windows virtually Android .

 Android can be easily virtualized Windows PC . It's as easy as downloading a number of tools , installation, configuration and run . What you need is the appropriate procedure that we will display here , along with some solutions to common problems to solve .

Recommended reading: 10 Tips to increase the security of your Android device

Note: This tutorial is written for Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2 virtualize with 64 - bit Android SDK package runs on Windows 8, but the steps will be similar for other version of Android, or Windows architecture or release .

Let's start by looking through the requirements to run Android in a virtual environment .

Windows PC : a computer with XP or a later version of Windows operating system will work fine , ie XP , Vista, 7 , 8, or later.

Java : Java 6 or later must be installed on the computer , higher, as it is required by the Android SDK Bundle . Install the latest version of Java for the platform.

It requires the latest version of Android SDK package : Android SDK Bundle . Download and extract the file to a folder. You will see a folder named " adt - package - windows - ... " This directory is known as the " Android SDK Folder" for the rest of this tutorial. It contains two folders called " Eclipse " and " SDK" and a file called "SDK Manager.exe " .

Android SDK packages : . Open "SDK Manager.exe " in the Android SDK folder check " Android 4.2.2 (API 17 )" in the SDK Manager . This gives the required packages with Android SDK in a virtualized environment .

Note : You can reduce unnecessary discharge unchecking sub - package version of Android. Click the expansion button ( > ) next to the Android version . View just this sub - packages:

  • Platform SDK
  • V7A ARM EABI system image
  • Google APIs.

Click Install Packages ... to download and install the necessary packages .

Start And Run Android virtual device

It's time to create your first virtual Android device .

Open "SDK Manager.exe " in the Android SDK folder . Go to Tools > Manage AVDS . This opens the Android Virtual Device Manager .

Click the New button ... ( Top right ) and you the Create new Android Virtual Device ( AVD ) to see the window. Sets the new AVD in accordance with the following settings :

  • AVD Name : Any name
  • Device: Galaxy Nexus ( 4.65 " , 720 x 1280 : xhdpi )
  • Purpose : Android 4.2.2 - API Level 17
  • CPU / ABI : ARM ( armeabi - V7A )
  • Keyboard: Tested
  • Skin: Proven
  • Front Camera : No
  • Back camera: No
  • Memory Options - RAM: 768
  • Memory Options - VM Heap: 32
  • Internal storage : 200 MiB
  • SD card - Size : 500 MiB
  • Emulation Options - Snapshot : Off
  • Emulation Options - Use Host GPU : Off

You can view the list of existing AVDS AVD Manager . Congratulations on making your first Android Virtual Device !

To start this , select the AVD in the AVD Manager . Click Start , click Start. Wait for the start and then enjoy.

And there you have Android running on your Windows PC . 'Go Click around and get an idea of ​​the Android interface ( if this is your first time) before moving on to the next section to test Android apps .

Install App In AVD
While Google Play Store is the primary source of Android apps , unfortunately , not in the Android Virtual Device ( AVD ) . However, there is a method to install the AVD with Android Debug Bridge (ADB ) applications. It will also show you how to remove . PUA

Installing an application
Let's run through the steps necessary to install an application. We use the Mini UC Browser as an example .

With AVD running , download the apk file to UC Browser Mini zoom applications (search for your application , open the page for your application from the search results , click the Download tab on the open page , and click click the option directly Download APK file ) .

Copy the downloaded file to "folder \ sdk \ Android SDK Platform -tools " .

Open the command prompt from the Start menu or the screen and enter :

cd <Android SDK Folder file path>\sdk\platform-tools

For example , the Android SDK folder on our test equipment is in " D : \ and \ adt - lightning " , says the command " cd D : \ and \ adt - Bundle \ sdk \ Platform -tools " .

Type " adb start - server " at the prompt. It should inform the daemon started successfully .

Type " adb devices" at the prompt. It should be reported as " emulator " a connected device. If no device is reported , then you have not started the AVD. Reboot, wait for the Android home screen and re - type " adb - devices " at the prompt.

Type " adb install < APK < File" in the indicator after replacing < APK < File with the name . Apk ( Android application ) to be installed on the AVD. Eg . Apk in our test system was initially named " ucb - mini.apk " adb install command reads UCB - mini.apk .

Wait while pushing ADB apk file on AVD and installs it. It may take some time depending on the size of the application being installed. When the installation is complete , you must tell success.

Remove an application
Within the DSA , go to Settings and then downloaded the application launcher, go to Programs> . Click the application you want to delete, then click Delete . Click OK to confirm rather than wait . That's it.

Finally, here are some of the problems that can arise and the suggested solutions .

Internet does not work in AVD.
Check that your firewall or Internet security program is blocking access to the Internet for a program called " emulator - arm.exe " .

You no more than 768MiB of RAM for the AVD.
AVD adjustment greater than 768MiB RAM for Windows will not crash the AVD - memory allocation necessary due to the limitations of the platform. Choose up to 768MiB accidents if you experience problems or errors.

AVD is running too slow or freezes
Running the latest Android versions 768MiB RAM can take it easy . In addition , the slower you have many apps installed become the AVD. If you need a fast and responsive AVD , then create a new AVD with a previous version of Android (Android 4.0 ICS or earlier work best ) .

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New Samsung Galaxy J Announced: A Galaxy S4 on steroids

New Samsung Galaxy J Announced: A Galaxy S4 on steroids

The fierce competition in the mobile industry is however a clear victory for consumers is particularly angry that the choice of the product is almost always determined by the region in which you reside . Some countries seem all lucky sometimes (shown in the U.S.) , but with the OEMs in Asia continue to monitor , more and more devices built with the exclusivity of the likes of Japan , Korea and China, large parts of the smartphone market . The Samsung Galaxy J , which has just been introduced in Japan, like the Galaxy S4 , which is given a dramatic increase in the specifications of what was supposed to be, or at least what we thought was the " new " flagship .

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may have been only a few months , but compared to the Galaxy J , which already feels outdated . The device resembles the Galaxy Note 3 specifications weighed on a smaller scale , address , S4 in shape and with 3 GB RAM , 800 Snapdragon processor and 32GB of storage, who are looking for what they thought was his power, pride - S4 and joy now feels a little shade .

Of course , there are one or two offsets given by packing all that power to a device of similar size . Of course , the device weighs 146g slightly heavier , but if you look beaten to the hardware , I think we can assume that most, if not all current Galaxy S4 owners safely would like to take that extra bit of wood in exchange for added energy .

If vanity is more than just a focal specifications , you will be disheartened to learn that the Galaxy J comes in two colors never seen before. The Coral Pink and Lapis blue combinations are definitely on different ends of the spectrum , but if you ever wish Galaxy S4 had a bit more power to an ally outside the original Galaxy J should serve as a slap in the face square.

Does the unit make it to the Western market ? Probably not , but although both colors would be , say, an acquired taste, no doubt that the Galaxy J is still selling quite well , as did Samsung parts .

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Round officially announced : Features 5.7 - inch curved screen , Android 4.3 and more [ VIDEO ]

Samsung Galaxy Round officially announced : Features 5.7 - inch curved screen , Android 4.3 and more [ VIDEO ]

There has been much speculation that Samsung is about to announce a curved screen . About a device We have the information leaked by insiders , as well as previews strange device covered in case, but we now have official word that the smartphone actually exists . Samsung itself has announced that the Galaxy Round is in production and will be released . Almost immediately in Korea

Besides being a very powerful smartphone , will feature main shopping Galaxy Round distributed with curved OLED screen. Public relations and marketing departments of Samsung , no doubt, play on the fact that the Tour 's first smartphone on the market with a flexible AMOLED HD screen will be. It is easy to think that this new announcement from Samsung will be a one trick pony , but taking a look at the spec sheet makes reading fun.

The existence of the curved screen on the device will more than likely a feature of polarization that you know when we see if it offers a benefit other than because of the flexibility flexibility . The remainder of the apparatus , but certainly appeal of the masses. The round comes in a stunning 7.9 mm thick, with a weight of 154 grams . That's about 40 grams heavier than the recently released Apple iPhone 5 , but still light enough to be used as an everyday device . The rear camera adds to the overall specification of 13 megapixels , with sending the device with Android 4.3 .

3GB of RAM on board and a quad -core 2.3 GHz would give power users the Vuelta will be looking for , but the price and the limited availability of land , even some stop considering the device . Samsung , the device is available in South Korea to do with a sticker price ₩ 1090000 and Brown Luxury external finish. For sale tomorrow It is difficult to predict how consumers will respond to the Galaxy Round . Only from the aesthetic point of view , the phone looks stunning and has clearly behind to suit him. Technical specification

One thing Samsung forgot to mention when , or even if , we can expect an international release of the Galaxy Round . Fingers crossed for the world's largest maker of smartphones take this for all of us at some point .