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EA Battlefield 4 System requirements

EA Battlefield 4 System requirements

DICE has a photo of the system specifications for Battlefield 4, which allows us to reduce the impact of all that Levoluting see tweeted . More importantly , it is a chance to try our brave PCs will go with any game that skydiving in the demilitarized zone that separates the old and new consoles . Will you be able to handle the next year of AAA games enhanced with new parts ?

What we have is by no means a definitive answer , but it is a useful early indicator of where we are.

This is what you need , at minimum and recommended flavors:

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What this suggests is that , if you take a dart and threw it built toward a collection of PCs or games released in the past 5 years , come to something that falls somewhere between the two . The minimum levels Battlefield 3 , with the exception of a blow of RAM , while the recommended is pretty significant increase - one that supposedly is specced for Windows 8 .

The real test is how to implement the systems known at the bottom of these requirements. We will not know that until November 1 , when the game starts .

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8.1 Reasons for New Windows 8.1 Operating System to Most Love

8.1 Reasons for New Windows 8.1 Operating System to Most Love

If you can upgrade to Windows 8.1  on your Windows 8 PC is free . Open the Windows Store and download the update if you would. Another application If you're running Windows 7, you can upgrade to Windows 8.1, but if you have an earlier version of Windows , you should look at the selection of the new tablets and PCs. There are some new devices out there.

In any case , there are plenty of reasons to keep Windows 8.1. We have a list of events 8.1.

1. SmartSearch Bing
It's rare that something new comes looking . And this is new. Instead of a way to search for files on the PC , another to find websites and third to find applications or configurations Bing Smart Search can even search what you want , wherever you are . The results are presented in a wide , super - clean screen . And you can actually do things for the results. If the information from his mother arrives, you can begin. A Skype conversation with her with just a click or a tap Coming favorite song , you can play directly from the search result out - no need to open first favorite music application .

2. More multi - task
Depending on the size of your screen, you can now up to four applications on the screen at once . You might want to change its size in relation to others and use an application to launch. Another is hard to describe . The effect of these improvements To understand , you need to experience how easy it is to move from one task to another . Talking while playing games, shopping while watching , or work while listening . No separate application is more . Everything is a single , seamless experience .

3. A better app store
Now there are hundreds more apps in the Windows Store . And with Windows 8.1, the store has been redesigned to make exploration and discovery of new apps easier, with favorites of the community and recommendations . Windows 8.1 also comes with a crop of new embedded applications, such as List and read health and wellness .

4. more options
From Windows 8.1 gives you more size categories for applications in the home screen , and there are also more options for color and animated backgrounds . And now you can also use the same settings for both the desktop and Start.

5. Best touchscreen typing
This is not so , the striking feature , but it's one of my favorites. Not one of the many small details that make Windows 8.1 feels as sturdy and responsive to mention. When writing to the touchscreen keyboard learns as you type, suggestions based on what you have written before . If you find that you can enter the new keyboard layouts . Text easier to use more than one language and Emoji that everyone loves so much? Are now in color. :-)

6. Automatic Online Storage
The world of technology is sometimes described particular ways of doing things. This feature is called " deep SkyDrive integration . " All it means is that you do not have to go through a separate process to save SkyDrive ( AKA free online storage ) documents. SkyDrive can save things automatically, with the same ease with which always has things stored in your PC . Then you can go to the latest versions of the world - even when you are traveling or on another device. And because it's online and backups for you , it is always safe even if something happens to your PC .

7. Navigation through touch
Internet Explorer 11 is different from other browsers , because it is designed specifically for touch screens. You will notice that it has larger tabs , simple controls , and readily reacts to your gestures . Internet Explorer 11 also has faster load times and allows full screen browsing , or lateral movement places - by - side.

8. A lock screen you’ll love
The lock screen is now as a digital photo frame , which can be configured to display. A slide show of your favorite photos Blocking Windows 8.1 screen behaves more like phone lock screen . You can answer Skype calls directly and take without having to unlock the PC . Photos

8.1 The return of an old friend
It is true . The Start button is back. If you can use to go to start anytime . Return on the desktop,

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Top 10 Web Hosting list . Web hosting reviews

Top 10 Web Hosting list . Web hosting reviews

Our top 10 Internet servers provides a ranking of the best hosting providers , the most reliable, feature rich , well-known web servers affordable accommodation in the lowest possible prices , including assessments of the combined services offering top 10 web hosting services table .

All providers of the best web hosts in the top 10 list includes:

» PHP / MySQL support, offering PHP 5 and MySQL 5 ;
Support » Microsoft FrontPage Extensions ;
" IMAP email accounts with web - mail support POP3 and multiple ;
» Different subdomains and parked domains / add - on ;
" The building tools , website free website templates ;
' Unlimited FTP access with multiple FTP accounts ;
» Website statistics , virus and spam protection , CGI , Perl , SSL support ;
"At least , 30 days money back guarantee ;
» Professional 24x7 support via email and / or telephone ;
" And at least 99.9 % guaranteed network uptime .

The web hosting top ten rows in the table below are based on features ( a) the preferences of visitors to the site , ( b ) webhosting offered and ( c ) the best value web hosting . Web Host Reliability in general , network and server uptime , quality of customer service is also taken into account .

Top 10 Web Hosting providers comparison

Check chosen by editors top 10 hosting providers compared in the table below.
$4.95 /mo
Discounts with Hostgator coupons
Unlimited (both)cPanel/WHM, Fantastico,
ASP, Curl, Cron, Pay Monthly
» HostGator Review
2$4.50 /mo
Discounts with iPage coupons
Unlimited (both)Easy & Green hosting,
Drag and Drop Site Builder
» iPage Review
3$4.45 /mo
Discounts with JustHost coupons
Unlimited (both)Free Domain for Life, Site Builder, Anytime Money Back
» JustHost Review
4$6.95 /mo
Discounts with BlueHost coupons
Unlimited (both)In business since 1996,
SSH support (Secure Shell)
» BlueHost Review
5$4.95 /mo
Discounts with WebHostingHub coupons
Unlimited (both)90-Days Money Back,
Easy Wordpress hosting,
» WebHostingHub Review
6$4.95 /mo
Discounts with GreenGeeks coupons
Unlimited (both)Instant Setup,
Real 24/7 customer support,
» HostMonster Review
7$4.67 /mo
Discounts with FatCow coupons
Unlimited (both)100% wind powered
Online Store Building tool
» FatCow Review
8$2.95 /mo
Discounts with WebHostingPad coupons
Unlimited (both)Cheapest web hosting
Hassle-Free Unlimited plan
» WebHostingPad Review
9$3.95 /mo
Discounts with IXwebHosting coupons
Unlimited (both)eCommerce Hosting,Dedicated IP addresses
» IXwebHosting Review
10$5.95 /mo
Discounts with coupons
Unlimited (both)PHP 5 hosting,
Web hosting UK and Europe,
» Review
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UProxy of Google : A Peer - to- Peer Gate Internet Freedom

UProxy of Google : A Peer - to- Peer Gate Internet Freedom

In some parts of the world where repressive governments monitor impregnable Internet firewalls , Internet web are not the same people to other countries.

Now , Google wants people of these countries are an instrument to circumvent censorship invisible barriers and defeat. UProxy called , is designed to be easy to use peer-to - peer gateway to be open to the Internet. With uProxy installed , someone in Iran Internet using a friend to contact him or her.

Although Google announced Monday uProxy in Google Ideas Summit in New York , NY , the tool is not yet ready to be made ​​public, and the Internet giant is not comfortable announce a release date . First, you want to throw a " trusted testers " to improve it and make it safer.

" The reason that is closed source at the time , the reason we do not open supply just do not want people to start using it for , really , is safe, " said Luke Dixon , the chief engineer of Google Ideas worked on the project .

When completed, uProxy will be released in the form of a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox that allows two people who know each other , and have been in contact via chat , Facebook or email, for example, for sharing. your connection

The user in Iran , for example , would be able to activate uProxy a friend in the United States through chat questions . The American Friend is clicked and the user extension Iranian receive a notification. After you click on the notification and accept the invitation , he or she could be connected to the Internet via secure channels through American friend connection .

" It's actually a VPN [ virtual private network ] custom " Dixon said in an interview Mashable .

And it requires a lot of experience to carry out , unlike other commercial VPNs her. Yasmin Green , director of Google Ideas, described during the launch as something only needed " two clicks on my side to avoid . Repressive regime "

The other difference is that uProxy not depend on a central server or from a commercial supplier , so that will not be easily blocked by a government or other agreement .

Dixon notes that it is important to remember what uProxy is not and does not. There is no traffic and Tor anonymous , you can not share files and unencrypted, secure communication , these tools and Cryptocat Silent Circle .

uProxy , which was planted by Google Ideas, but mainly developed by researchers at the University of Washington, is the first instrument of its kind. There are a lot of projects and types of software that promise to bypass firewalls and censorship and weather - Flashlight source project developers have contributed to uProxy by Brave New Software.

To release uProxy the public , Google will allow Internet freedom organizations , OpenITP that funds and censorship circumvention tools developed to check the code, Dixon said . Then you will see the code, open source release for the public to see .

By Eva Galperin , Global Policy Analyst advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation digital rights , the extremely cautious approach Google is a good sign.

" If we are concerned about the safety and privacy of our instruments ," he said , "it is important that our instruments are properly controlled and that our tools are open source . "

uProxy certainly has potential , but it remains to be seen when it will start and how will it work . Internet activists really point to the Haystack warning , another tool promoted to circumvent censorship in countries like Iran .

Initially it was widely praised and promoted before security researcher Jacob Appelbaum found serious holes in it . The vulnerabilities that people may be at risk .

The tool was subsequently abandoned and disabled.

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Google Hangouts App for iOS now allows free calls to USA and Canada

Google Hangouts App for iOS now allows free calls to USA and Canada

Recent migration of Apple iOS 7 is almost guaranteed that any developer who sees a future in mobile software will push an update that takes a minimum of changes in vision . We have seen a number of offers from the App Store for Google to go through the upgrade process , but today it is the turn of the popular hangouts application has been revised to version 1.3.0 .

Application of Google Hangout is providing iOS users the ability to log messages and intimate group for some time . The addition of sharing photos , video emoji characters and made ​​sure that the application is still popular among those who are in that sort of thing . Users of the application will begin to see the version 1.3.0 of propagation through the App Store, bringing with it a series of small changes in the usability , as well as a great application that users will undoubtedly like .

The biggest change in the 1.3.0 update today brings the addition of calls that are available on the iPhone , iPod touch and iPad will be. The ability to make outgoing calls and receive incoming communication is handled through Google Voice account user name and number and is perfectly integrated in the vicinity of existing sites . But keep in mind that this is only a question of the U.S. and Canada only for now . Besides calling express need to prepare for one of the biggest changes ever users of the application of the locations - the ability to send and receive POISON play animations in the flow of the conversation online .

The last change in the official changelog Google focuses on how the application handles playing music outside the establishment . Earlier versions of the application Spots took control of the volume of the system when receiving a new message . Version 1.3.0 introduces a more comprehensive and less invasive , simply by gradually increasing the volume when receiving a message instead of shutting off the timeout .

If automatic updates are enabled on your device , then chances are you already have the update installed . For everyone else , the version 1.3.0 is available as a free update in the App Store now .

(Download: Hangouts for iOS on the App Store)