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8.1 Reasons for New Windows 8.1 Operating System to Most Love

If you can upgrade to Windows 8.1  on your Windows 8 PC is free . Open the Windows Store and download the update if you would. Another application If you're running Windows 7, you can upgrade to Windows 8.1, but if you have an earlier version of Windows , you should look at the selection of the new tablets and PCs. There are some new devices out there.

In any case , there are plenty of reasons to keep Windows 8.1. We have a list of events 8.1.

1. SmartSearch Bing
It's rare that something new comes looking . And this is new. Instead of a way to search for files on the PC , another to find websites and third to find applications or configurations Bing Smart Search can even search what you want , wherever you are . The results are presented in a wide , super - clean screen . And you can actually do things for the results. If the information from his mother arrives, you can begin. A Skype conversation with her with just a click or a tap Coming favorite song , you can play directly from the search result out - no need to open first favorite music application .

2. More multi - task
Depending on the size of your screen, you can now up to four applications on the screen at once . You might want to change its size in relation to others and use an application to launch. Another is hard to describe . The effect of these improvements To understand , you need to experience how easy it is to move from one task to another . Talking while playing games, shopping while watching , or work while listening . No separate application is more . Everything is a single , seamless experience .

3. A better app store
Now there are hundreds more apps in the Windows Store . And with Windows 8.1, the store has been redesigned to make exploration and discovery of new apps easier, with favorites of the community and recommendations . Windows 8.1 also comes with a crop of new embedded applications, such as List and read health and wellness .

4. more options
From Windows 8.1 gives you more size categories for applications in the home screen , and there are also more options for color and animated backgrounds . And now you can also use the same settings for both the desktop and Start.

5. Best touchscreen typing
This is not so , the striking feature , but it's one of my favorites. Not one of the many small details that make Windows 8.1 feels as sturdy and responsive to mention. When writing to the touchscreen keyboard learns as you type, suggestions based on what you have written before . If you find that you can enter the new keyboard layouts . Text easier to use more than one language and Emoji that everyone loves so much? Are now in color. :-)

6. Automatic Online Storage
The world of technology is sometimes described particular ways of doing things. This feature is called " deep SkyDrive integration . " All it means is that you do not have to go through a separate process to save SkyDrive ( AKA free online storage ) documents. SkyDrive can save things automatically, with the same ease with which always has things stored in your PC . Then you can go to the latest versions of the world - even when you are traveling or on another device. And because it's online and backups for you , it is always safe even if something happens to your PC .

7. Navigation through touch
Internet Explorer 11 is different from other browsers , because it is designed specifically for touch screens. You will notice that it has larger tabs , simple controls , and readily reacts to your gestures . Internet Explorer 11 also has faster load times and allows full screen browsing , or lateral movement places - by - side.

8. A lock screen you’ll love
The lock screen is now as a digital photo frame , which can be configured to display. A slide show of your favorite photos Blocking Windows 8.1 screen behaves more like phone lock screen . You can answer Skype calls directly and take without having to unlock the PC . Photos

8.1 The return of an old friend
It is true . The Start button is back. If you can use to go to start anytime . Return on the desktop,

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