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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release date: what to expect?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes, ready for the release date of September 4 in Berlin, Germany. In the event, we expect retail Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not only features, but also Note 3 launch date Galaxy, which remains one of the few missing pieces in the puzzle of the Galaxy Note 3.

For most of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been rumored to be the replacement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And while rumors began as vague losses, now apparently identified almost everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 except for a few things.

Galaxy Note 3 rumors suggest we'll see a device with a larger screen of the Galaxy Note 2 to 5.5 inches to 5.68 inches now believes the screen size of the Galaxy Note 3. It is expected that the device contains an updated 13mp camera, a design that is similar to the Galaxy Note 2, 3 GB of RAM, a quad-core processor powerful, huge battery, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and, most likely, a bit 'unique software. Needless to say, very little is left to the imagination.

There are still a few things to find out if the note 3 release date of the galaxy, which said in late September, but it still has not leaked in practice before the launch of the device. There have been some rumors, but it is able to block the Note 3 release date of the galaxy. However, the voices of the past and Samsung allow us to make some guesses about the Note 3 release date Galaxy before arrival, on September 4.

Although nothing is set in stone, that is what consumers can expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date later this year.

Galaxy Note3 Release Weeks, not months after launch

Samsung has started to be very Apple in their approach to data at launch smartphone. In the case of the Galaxy S3, S4 Galaxy and Galaxy Note 2, we have seen that the device reaches for regions outside the United States only a month after its release. This time was much faster than Samsung ever had delivered in the past and it's time we hope to Note 3 release date of the galaxy.

With the Galaxy Note 3 must arrive on September 4th, we expect Samsung to provide a release date which is only a few weeks after its announcement. Rumors Yes, we have seen suggests that arrive in late September, at least in some regions, and given the history of Samsung, this calendar makes perfect sense.

We hope to launch Galaxy Note 3 to fall in line with the previous versions of the company and considering the amount of competition you will face, Samsung has no other choice but to remove it as quickly as possible.

Staggered Galaxy Note 3 U.S. Release
While launching the Galaxy Note 3 is not in the United States, such as the launch of the Galaxy S4 was, we still expect the United States to get the device at some point in the week after its release, not months. Samsung has made a point to get in a hurry devices in the United States and with the Galaxy S4, there is no better example of his intentions.

We have seen the U.S. receives the device while other regions first. We hope that something similar happens with the Note 3 release date of the galaxy. And while we can not peg specific dates, we can say that we expect companies to develop the Galaxy Note 3 with staggered release dates, meaning, different release dates for different companies.

We could see a couple of release dates, but they have a party, for the most part, to be different and spread over several weeks in the fall.

Give Vague at launch
U.S. Buyers should expect carriers announce their intention Galaxy Note 3 in the launch, but those expectations should be tempered a bit "because we expect companies to remain vague about release dates.

Unlike concrete launch date of Apple iPhone, the release dates for Samsung smartphones are always dictated by the companies that issue means at their discretion. With tons of devices on the road, carriers are likely to need to consider whether it might be best to release the Galaxy Note 3, which is likely to be strongly determined by the devices in your pipes.

In any case, expect the U.S. release goes back to being lazy confirmed and get much closer to the actual release date. This is the case of AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, USA Cellular network, which are necessary to keep the device.

Lag Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Release 
That said, expect some companies to the rear, ie Verizon. Verizon is known to be very slow for large device names are not called iPhone. For example, the HTC One, which arrived in April AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile, still not out of Verizon. Will be published this summer, but the date is not yet known. It was announced in June.

Those who need more tests need only look at the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 versions that were both Verizon delayed. The Galaxy Note 2 released in late November, more than a month after some of its rivals. The Galaxy S4 did the same. So history suggests that Verizon will be late for the Galaxy Note 3.

Not confirmed, but expected.

We expect operators to offer pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Carriers typically offer pre-orders renowned devices and Galaxy Note 3 can be classified as a great device name.

Duration of pre-orders vary carrier to carrier, but we hope that they all offer a pre-order Galaxy Note 3, in order to capitalize on the interest of consumers.

Limited storage options
There is a rumor that suggests that companies can choose to carry a Galaxy Note 32GB 3, something that has never happened in the United States. It is unclear whether U.S. companies will buy into this and if they do, will replace the 16GB model or 16GB and 32GB Galaxy Note offer 3.

In any case, is expected to have limited storage options. Given the support for microSD cards, which probably will be on board, it could be that some companies choose to only carry the Galaxy Note 3 in a variant of storage. And even if you decide to bring two variants, could be that one of the models launched in the line, very similar to AT & T and Verizon 32GB Galaxy S4.

A Galaxy Note 64GB 3 seems out of place in the launch because although no company in the United States has always offered that model.

Plenty of Stocks
Samsung showed he could handle the delivery problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and hope we can accurately predict the Application Note Galaxy 3 also. The company has cited his plastic designs as a reason why the degree of pumping of millions of devices and keep afloat warehouse and rumors point to the Galaxy Note 3 to be plastic.

This means that we should see the device in short supply when its release rolls around, something that Apple might not be able to say about the iPhone 5S.

Tons of Competition
Consumers should expect a lot of competition around the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung release date, especially if it occurs at the end of September, as planned.

Apple has deployed an iPhone launch on September 10, which means that the iPhone 5S will likely release in late September. HTC has a HTC Max One on the way and it could be the debut in September at the IFA 2013 too. Sony plans to launch the Sony Xperia Ultra Z in September and have to see the LG G2 appears in the U.S. in a couple of weeks too.

The smartphone lineup is loaded and falls while the Galaxy Note 3 digits of one of the biggest names, but certainly not without competition days come free.

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