Friday, October 18, 2013

Download Final Version of Windows 8.1 for free now!

Download Final Version of Windows 8.1 for free now!

Well , it's here ! Final version of Windows 8.1 download has only gone live for everyone worldwide . Here 's everything you need to know.

Those of you who took the plunge and upgrade to Windows 8 when it became available for the first time last year are now able to download Microsoft and server authentication hammer 8.1 update. Upgrading to Windows 8.1 Windows 8 promises to bring a lot of new features and functionality enhancements that should dramatically improve the user versatile - experience.
Upgrading from Windows 8.1 is only available as a free upgrade to Windows Store that is running Windows 8.

If you have a Windows desktop , laptop or tablet user to enter the action of Windows 8 from the beginning - go then worry no choice . There are still opportunities for consumers who want a previous version of Windows for closing this latest offering . Those who have a computer with Windows XP , Windows 7 or Windows Vista can buy the site / buy. The operating system Windows 8.1

A new purchase of Windows 8.1 for new users , costs $ 119.99 previously reported . Experienced users who like a bit more value for their money can opt for $ 199.99 . The Pro version of the operating system If digital downloads are not your thing and you prefer the sense of security of having a disc DVD-based installation , this option must begin this Friday available in a wide range of physical and online stores . It may seem like a lot of configuration options, but if you have purchased or downloaded from Microsoft Windows update will also have a Pro version for $ 99.99. Standard 8.1 More information on Windows 8.1 and price retail packaging can be found here .

If the performance of the home icon button is not enough to tempt the world of Windows 8.1 can improve performance , the evolution of the home screen and different tile sizes seal the deal. Whatever floats your boat, the Windows 8.1 update is now available.

Windows 8 users , click here for Microsoft Windows 8.1 official update to start installer download .

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Nexus 5 makes a brief appearance in Play Store; 16GB model Pricing Revealed [IMAGE]

Nexus 5 makes a brief appearance in Play Store; 16GB model Pricing Revealed [IMAGE]

Google is still unannounced Nexus 5 has its fair share of leaks seen in recent times , with videos , photos and general ramblings filling the Internet in the last week or two . There was no doubt that the phone was really more true, but recent events make things about as official as it will get. At least until Google makes the Nexus 5 ... officially official .

First noticed last night , it seems that some people are watching the new Nexus 5 pop into your Google Play Store , replacing the model of last year's Nexus 4 . The phone , which is not actually available to buy and no description of the product itself is perhaps the most important information that we are all trying to guess because it started leaking Nexus 5 first , and that is the price.

Tagged under $ 349 for the 16GB model , the Nexus model input level 5 is actually more expensive than the outgoing Nexus 4 although 16GB is the base model instead of the 8 GB version that is available for those on Nexus 4 buyers was . But we have our hope that Google will also offer the device in an 8GB version .

Also shown in the Play Goods Store entry is a picture of the new operating system Android 4.4 mobile KitKat , complete with transparent status bar and redesigned icons we've seen in the last leak of the screen in the last days . This is certainly real people , and hopefully that Google announced the Nexus 5 sooner rather than later . Obviously this aspect Play Store was not intentional , but the fact that the page is at least partially constructed suggests an announcement can not be far away now .

With so little is known about when the Nexus 5 will be released , we are currently not sure if it will be to close the Mountain View HQ . Away the only ad hardware Android 4.4 KitKat obviously have some time stage , however, so at least to look forward, even if you are looking for a new smartphone .

What do you think? Do you think the Nexus 5 leaked image you see above is the final performance of the device itself , or we will be more changes in the hours and minutes to come see ? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section .

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications - 5

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications - 5

17. Evernote
Evernote is a very useful application for the iPhone that allows you to continue working outside the office . One of the best features of this app is that your work is saved to all devices automatically.

18. Converter Plus
If you travel frequently or only sporadically during the Converter Plus worldwide application for you. Within seconds you can calculate in the world of this application. Currency Converter Plus can also be used as a tip calculator , mortgage calculator and fuel gauge.

19. Draw something free
Draw Something is free and iPhone users with countless hours of fun in their spare time . If you are bored at work during free time or something to do while waiting at the airport in this application can be expressed . His artistic side

20 . is an ideal application for iPhone users to do different things and have trouble remembering everything. The application allows them to get everything to fit on your iPhone and then remind you of appointments , shopping and other events at appropriate times .

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Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications - 4

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications - 4

13. Ridiculous Fishing 
If you are looking for an application that is not only fun to use, but also a little end Ridiculous Fishing is exactly what you want. This application allows users to capture than a traditional bar , such as firearms , chainsaws and toasters different things. Fish

14. Wood Camera-Vintage Photo Editor
Wood House - Vintage Photo Editor lets users take pictures and then give them a vintage look to them. This application is very useful for anyone who loves to capture photos of everything and put a spin on them.

15. jam
The Jam iPhone app does exactly what it says it does : allows users to jam. All users of this application can instantly jam singing or playing instruments in his / her iPhone and become a virtual rock star .

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16. Pixel people
Pixel People for iPhone is a fun app that allows users to create their own city and take it they chose. This app has great graphics , it works great and has five stars by Touch Arcade.

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Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications - 3

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications - 3

9. Star Wars Pinball
May the force be with you as you participate in the world of Star Wars with this application pinball fun. Whether you're a diehard Star Wars fan , a fan of pinball , or both , you will love this application.

10 . Reebok fitness
The Reebok fitness app allows users to choose from many different courses to keep your body in shape without the advice in the process. This application offers options that include cross - training, running , dancing , yoga or just walking to stay fit .

11. The Good Food Guide
If you want to eat, then the Good Food Guide is the app for you . This application provides the output. It offers excellent restaurants in the area so that

12. THX Tune - Up
THX is known for everything from television to film and now you can get on your iPhone . Its exceptional sound quality , the same sound Once you download this app on your iPhone will be screened at the award-winning sound .

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Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications -2

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications -2

5 . Traktor DJ
If you ever had the desire on plates and become a master of the steel wheels had when Traktor DJ is the app for you . Anyone can walk in the shoes of a Disc Jockey entitled to his / her iPhone.

6 . impossible path
Impossible Way is a simple but fun for the iPhone that allows users to record any excess time , while challenging your mind. If you want the game in mind , just think pinball meets a roller - coaster .

7 . Sport Stream
Running sport users not only can receive updates of your favorite sports teams and activities scores , but also connects to several sports social media sites . If you like sports and you like to talk to other people about this is the app for you .

8 . Untappd
If you are looking for some of the best bars in the area or during the holidays that Untappd is the app for you . This application provides descriptions of several bars and let users know where they are.

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Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications

1. Lego Batman : DC Super Heroes
If you want to know what the Dark Knight or any other DC Comic characters is important then this is the app for you . Play as Batman or superheroes or villains 80 different on your iPhone in what surely a great adventure.

 2 . Skitch
Skitch is a notebook , photo editor and more. Use these top iPhone applications for great things to do to your photos , work and more.

3 . badland
Badland has received rave reviews from customers and media iPhone . It works very well and offers hours of fun.

4 . camme
Camme is a camera application propulsion gesture that allows users to take photos instantly without pressing a physical button itself. Not only is this very interesting application to use, but is also very efficient and has many technical problems .

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