Sunday, October 13, 2013

Top 20 Most useful iPhone Applications

1. Lego Batman : DC Super Heroes
If you want to know what the Dark Knight or any other DC Comic characters is important then this is the app for you . Play as Batman or superheroes or villains 80 different on your iPhone in what surely a great adventure.

 2 . Skitch
Skitch is a notebook , photo editor and more. Use these top iPhone applications for great things to do to your photos , work and more.

3 . badland
Badland has received rave reviews from customers and media iPhone . It works very well and offers hours of fun.

4 . camme
Camme is a camera application propulsion gesture that allows users to take photos instantly without pressing a physical button itself. Not only is this very interesting application to use, but is also very efficient and has many technical problems .

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