Friday, October 18, 2013

Download Final Version of Windows 8.1 for free now!

Well , it's here ! Final version of Windows 8.1 download has only gone live for everyone worldwide . Here 's everything you need to know.

Those of you who took the plunge and upgrade to Windows 8 when it became available for the first time last year are now able to download Microsoft and server authentication hammer 8.1 update. Upgrading to Windows 8.1 Windows 8 promises to bring a lot of new features and functionality enhancements that should dramatically improve the user versatile - experience.
Upgrading from Windows 8.1 is only available as a free upgrade to Windows Store that is running Windows 8.

If you have a Windows desktop , laptop or tablet user to enter the action of Windows 8 from the beginning - go then worry no choice . There are still opportunities for consumers who want a previous version of Windows for closing this latest offering . Those who have a computer with Windows XP , Windows 7 or Windows Vista can buy the site / buy. The operating system Windows 8.1

A new purchase of Windows 8.1 for new users , costs $ 119.99 previously reported . Experienced users who like a bit more value for their money can opt for $ 199.99 . The Pro version of the operating system If digital downloads are not your thing and you prefer the sense of security of having a disc DVD-based installation , this option must begin this Friday available in a wide range of physical and online stores . It may seem like a lot of configuration options, but if you have purchased or downloaded from Microsoft Windows update will also have a Pro version for $ 99.99. Standard 8.1 More information on Windows 8.1 and price retail packaging can be found here .

If the performance of the home icon button is not enough to tempt the world of Windows 8.1 can improve performance , the evolution of the home screen and different tile sizes seal the deal. Whatever floats your boat, the Windows 8.1 update is now available.

Windows 8 users , click here for Microsoft Windows 8.1 official update to start installer download .

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