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How to change the iPhone and iPad Home screen icons The easiest way without jailbreak

How to change the iPhone and iPad Home screen icons The easiest way without jailbreak

When it comes to customization, iOS ecosystem is one of the least under furniture. In fact, the only way to apply any kind of theme or aesthetic impairment usually through a jailbreak, so if you can not, or simply do not want to enter the world of Cydia and its thousands of tweaks and themes you're pretty much stuck with what Apple has given us. Well, that should not necessarily be the case of a new application called iconic, which lets you change the appearance of the icons on the home screen, without the need for any jailbreak.

Once installed, iconic not only allows you to create icons fully customized home screen to up to 14,000 supported applications, but you can also add your own shortcut icons based on the actions that are regularly used. Iconic is a very intuitive, and with the support of numerous shortcuts for more than 200 applications, which really enhance your overall experience with iOS.

For example, if periodically sends a message to a particular person or often called, simply make an icon on the home screen for those particular actions. Then, when you click the icon, you can go directly to make a call or send a text to your friend.

There are many other actions as well, and if you can use your imagination, you could set the home screen to look and function exactly as you wish.

If you're more in tune the appearance of the icons, you can do a lot here too. Besides being able to draw, rotate and zoom, you can also use your own images in order to decorate your home screen.

Iconic is 99 cents for the first week, after which the price will double to $ 1.99. If you want some customization jailbreak-free, it's worth checking out, and if you take the time to configure hotkeys and adjust their icons, may offer higher screen together at home.

Iconic is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

(Download: iconic for iOS in the App Store)

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How to set up parental controls on Android

How to set up parental controls on Android

Are you one of the many parents who allow their children to play on your Android device? If so, you might want to look into the setting of the control of the parents, in order to protect them from applications of adult content in the Android Market. Do parental controls as proof make-up? Of course not, kids always find ingenious ways to circumvent security systems that we have implemented. But this, at least, give them a place to crash and give you peace of mind knowing that at least tried!

The following are the levels of maturity that all applications on Android Market are classified as:
  • everyone
  • low maturity
  • medium maturity
  • high maturity

Just go to the App Market and then click on the MENU button on the Droid. Then click on the Settings button. Then you see one of the following screens:

Click the drop-down menu below to select content filtering and level of maturity that you (or your child) will be allowed to download. After that, you need to click the lock icon pad or "Set PIN or modify" the password you set a PIN to lock the settings you have just made.

That's it! Now the Android Market will only be allowed to install applications that have been considered appropriate for the level of maturity set. Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment in the section below.

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How to set parental controls on iPhone

How to set parental controls on iPhone

If you give your iPhone routinely send their children, parental controls are a little safer.

Kids love the iPhone. And with over 1,000 downloadable applications for children in the iPhone store, you can find something for all ages and interests. But there are a lot of applications with adult content intended only for adults who do not want their children are.

Fortunately, Apple offers parental controls, both the iPhone and iTunes. On the iPhone, you can enable or disable certain features you do not want anyone to access. In the iTunes store, you can restrict the types of content that can be downloaded.

How to set parental controls for iPhone
To set restrictions on your iPhone, click "Settings", select "General" and then choose "Restrictions". After you are prompted to set up a PIN that lets you enable or disable access restrictions.

These are the things that can be restricted:

 • explicit track titles

• The Safari browser

• YouTube

• The iTunes Store

• Installing Applications

• The camera

Disabling one thing, its icon disappears from the Start menu. For example, if you do not want anyone to take photos with your iPhone, simply turn the camera on the configuration. When you go to the start menu, has been the icon of the camera.

The iPhone only allows you to enable and disable these programs. But let's say you want some more precise control over the type of content that can dowload. Go to the iTunes store on your computer. Go to Edit in the top menu, select Preferences, and there you will find the commands that can be downloaded for what and for whom TV and film download ratings're well with children.

It 'a similar situation with the iPhone browser. You can turn on and off, but no safe-search to filter the results. If you want to disable the browser, but you want to limit the websites they can find, there are applications that can be downloaded to optimize the configuration of your browser search children.

It 'so easy to set these controls, the only problem is to remember that the features are disabled. But do not worry - will probably be remembered children.

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Keep It Clean: 8 Tools for Block Porn and Sexting

Keep It Clean: 8 Tools for Block Porn and Sexting

Sexting and pornography can be a problem for parents with teenage children. For teens and tweens, sexting can have serious consequences, one of which is a bad reputation. Naked Selfies still considered child pornography and are against the law. Although the photo does not do in the wrong hands, the study shows that teens who practice sexting are more likely to take greater sexual risks (such as sex), which could lead to teenage pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases .

Applications like Snapchat make it easy for children to share suggestive images, and automatic cancellation make the application seems ideal for sexting, but as someone who has learned the hard way that there is no such thing as an indelible mark. The preventive measures could do much to ensure that their children are safe with their technology.

These are some of the tools that can help keep your children safe online.

This blocks free download websites based in over 70 categories, including pornography. E 'can automatically adjust settings safe search YouTube, Google and other search engines.

Another free download, this option is good for users who do not want to be bombarded with a lot of features. Three layers of protection extreme-media-minimal, moderate and you can choose how much content is locked.

This parental control software lets you adjust the sites, programs (such as instant messaging), filters, and even alerts you when keywords are used (selected) in a conversation, so you'll get a heads up if the child inappropriate topics being discussed online. You can also restrict Internet usage during certain hours of the day, so even if you do not want to adjust the settings during the day, you can ensure that your children are not in chat at night while you sleep.

4. Safe Search settings

If you trust your children enough not to go looking for porn, and just want to avoid entering your search, so you can change the search settings on search engines like Google and Bing, iPhone or Android.

You can also encourage your children to use a search engine for kids and Safe Search for Kids.

5. FamilyShield
This program uses a slightly different approach for controlling, blocking content from the router, which means that each device connected to the Internet at home is controlled, including game consoles, mobile phones, using the Wi-Fi, etc. definitely a good choice for families with multiple devices to consider.

This site allows you to set the "key words" and then to be notified whenever the child uses the keywords in a conversation via sms or social media. It also includes a family locator so you can control the phone's GPS signal to your child. Nosy another great attention: It is illegal to use this product in adults.

7. Block User
If you receive unwanted messages, even if it's a boyfriend or girlfriend, and refuse to quit, it's time to dust off the lock feature. Images sent via SMS can be easily stopped by blocked phone number and sites like Twitter and Facebook have both blocking features as well. Do not be afraid to use them.

8. Remember only you can prevent inappropriate messages.

Communication is still the best tool when it comes to sex ting and inappropriate content. Talk to your kids about sending or receiving erotic messages and the dangers that can occur, and keep up with what they are talking online. Having open conversations and frequent help to prevent the risk decision making in the future.

How to keep your children safe online is? Let us know in the comments.

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Android and Chrome OS could get huge Windfalls From Slowing Worldwide PC Economy

Android and Chrome OS could get huge Windfalls From Slowing Worldwide PC Economy

The global PC market is shrinking, and continues its downward trend according to recent data, which means that there are a lot of device manufacturers interested in looking around for what to do next. Acer is one such company, and the company is trying to put the blame on Windows and to find a better solution, according to the WSJ. This could be a very popular song in the years ahead of other manufacturers such as Acer, and this is a great news for Google.

Acer is trying to mitigate its losses in the PC market for the growth of your business is not Windows, and do it quickly. Android is the logical choice for the plans of smartphones and tablets, and Acer President Jim Wang told investors during the quarterly earnings conference call last night that his company "sees a new market there for Chromebooks."

C7 makes the Acer Chromebook, a $ 199 device that has much in common with netbooks in the past, but it runs Chrome OS, the operating system of Google Desktop that more or less has the Chrome browser and extends its capabilities a bit '. It is expected that Chrome OS and Android to make up about 10 to 12 percent of the revenue of Acer later this year, Wang, and could go up to 30 per cent by the end of 2014. Chromebooks up about 3 percent of the total sales of PCs Acer in Q2 2013, which does not sound like much, but it shows an impressive growth in the course of a largely experimental must embark on a well-established market.

The situation is similar to what the other PC makers are seeing. Asus chairman Jonney Shih said the Windows RT basically not helping with slowdown in PC sales, and the company is seeing clearly enough interest for their devices associated with Google Nexus 7 for another round with the new version launched last month.

In the past, Apple has been the beneficiary of a market in crisis PC, iPad sales have increased progressively PC sales have declined, making it seem that there is a direct correlation must see tablets from Apple, satisfy the customers to the point where there was no time mainly the operation of iPads instead of Windows-based notebook. But iPad sales were actually up to the last quarter, for the first time in history. This may be due to a new release cycle that saw no new hardware iPad launched in early 2013, but it could also be a sign that there are other people who can benefit from the decline in PC sales.

Tablets based on Google's mobile operating system have been slow to find its audience, but they are gathering pace, so that Windows was not able to match that market. Chrome OS devices may still be a small fraction of the notebook market, but, at least, represent a different approach with seemingly growing appeal - something that can not necessarily be said of Windows 8 yet. If consumers are acidification on the traditional PC, it makes sense that OEMs will have to put more stock in something like Chrome OS, which has the opportunity to do something other than the business-as-usual approach or so of Microsoft , which actually picking up some of the most innovative aspects of the Windows 8 platform with the next update 8.1.

Google has a number of things going for it in terms of being able to capitalize on the PC industry slowdown: the licensing model means that you can take advantage of the need for manufacturers of existing equipment to put their existing infrastructure to date, and drives the most successful mobile operating system on the planet, in terms of widespread adoption, and it is a name and a brand recognized and trusted around the world.

Once upon a time, there was no reason to take a risk on experiments for Android or Chrome OS for tablet laptop computers to OEMs like Acer, because Windows is a safe and comfortable platform investment income from which milk. This is no longer the case, and could be a very good thing in terms of agitation in consumer devices in the PC market particularly tired.

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Facebook fight Snapchat send Instagrams letting the Messenger

Facebook fight Snapchat send Instagrams letting the Messenger

Snapchat sends 200 million messages a day private photos. WhatsApp sends 325 million. These are scary numbers for Facebook that shows visual communication is growing, so you just start allowing Messenger for iOS users to send Instagrams and pictures from other albums do not move the camera. This shows that, although not push, that is serious about the trend in visual communication.

Have you been able to send picture messages in an album for a while "with Messenger for Android, but iOS version previously only selects the reel. The problem is that when you post to Instagram is saved a copy of the building a disk device "Instagram" separately.

Now click the paper clip icon to compose a message and then add pictures, there is now a drop-down menu at the top to draw pictures of their other albums. This is not exactly direct Instegration (sorry), but it certainly brings photo sharing application closer to its parent. Facebook has been delivering considerably acquire Instagram, which lives up to its promise.

[Updated: At first glance, this is a small update. Nor is there any API or other direct connection between Messenger and Instagram. What matters is what signals the intentions of Facebook with the visual communication. ]

But in the 16 months since the billionaire Sale, there was a big change in the way people use the photos. For years I have shot with care and shared with many people - similar to what we did in the analog film era. But chat Snapchat and international applications changed. Suddenly, the photos were taken shamelessly arm and not shared in private by its artistic value, but to get a message.

This has become the year of visual communication.

Photos Mayflies self destruct Snapchat is useful for the most awkward, embarrassing or outrageous. And he adds a sense of urgency. Yet an equal contribution to its rapid growth in popularity is forcing communicate visually. You can not send the text alone. Instead, you can use the photos and video to provide a complex idea or emotion so quickly and clearly.

Thus, photo messaging has much in common with stickers, small pre-made illustrations and animations that can be sent in many chat applications. I sent a lot of them and I feel I have been a huge success for Facebook. Both are a substitute for the boring text.

Messages are more personal photos, however. Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? You can answer all these questions with a quick photo. Is not it annoying how long or generic type messages as text messages "at home", "Chillin '" Okay ". Each location, activity and expression of the face is unique, with visual communication. This is what makes it addictive yet satisfying.

Instagram photos ReelThose two words might be second compound surname Facebook. ** The first serious attempt of visual communication, the Saca Snapchat clone quickly fell through the roof and I have not been pushed by month. But why force people to download something new when the social network runs some of the most used mobile applications in the world?

And here we are, messaging on Facebook Instagram Messenger. Invite applications for inclusion in the main Facebook soon. It could become users to convert their favorite Instagrams convey emotions. What are you doing? Latte art. How do you feel? Portrait of laughter. And if enough users find the option to decline and use, you can also start taking Instagrams with the purpose of sharing. It might also be a good way to ensure that a specific friend see his masterpiece, if you know you do not frequent the Instagram feed.

The question now is, will add Instagram private photos and video messages?

* The cash and stock purchase price has been at the end of seven hundred million

**The addictive Facebook -satisfactory
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How to get Galaxy S4 Air Gesture function on any Android phone

How to get Galaxy S4 Air Gesture function on any Android phone

Whenever Samsung releases a new flagship smartphone, the company seems to go a step further to ensure that encompasses some new dazzling features to attract even once the consumer market. For the latest version S4 Galaxy, the team of South Korea unveiled Gesture Air, a little 'smart app that allows some functions that are controlled with the basic movements of the hand above the device. Now, thanks to the great minds at XDA-Developers, this kind of thing can be done in a number of devices. Air Swiper is the name, and even though, at this early stage, it is not without its flaws, it is definitely worth giving a try.

Of course, the Galaxy S4 is not the only device to take advantage of the features available on smartphones today. Google and the new effort of Motorola - Moto X smartphone - has also proven compatibility, and if you are intrigued by these events, but do not want to pony up for a new smartphone, Air Swiper can be covered.

Compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, Air Swiper advantage of the proximity sensor device that allows you to perform actions only by passing the hand, and although the evidence on a number of Roma have been decidedly mixed results, inquiring minds suspect that many of you Android users certainly asked to verify whether the device is a game.

Although many do not see the need for a gesture-based control of the air, which is particularly useful for situations in which the figures are too fat, mud, or otherwise dirty enough to prompt asking if you want your shiny gadget for be stained with dirt.

Con Air Swiper, gestures are somewhat limited to providing basic skills, such as opening and closing, the transition from one mode aloud and silently, opening messages and the like, but with further development, we able to see this very promising indeed.

If you are interested, you can check the details on the official thread on XDA and Google link for Air Play Swiper can be found below.

Be sure to check out our Android Apps gallery to explore more apps for your Android device.

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Replacing the battery of the iPhone 5 in a few simple steps

Replacing the battery of the iPhone 5 in a few simple steps

Thanks to its monocoque finish and the lack of a removable back cover, many assume that the change / replace the battery of an iPhone 5 is difficult. While this, to some extent, is true when comparing, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S4, a new video from iFixit shows that not only is relatively easy to do with the right tools and a little patience, but it is also relatively cheap. You can watch the video tutorial after the jump!

When an iPhone battery begins to deteriorate, it is amazing how many people I met just write off as over the hill, and instead also consider buying a new one and install it by yourself, and just go buy completely new device. That said, it's annoying that the iPhone 5, like all Cupertino smartphone before it, can only be accessed with a screwdriver, and since it is a warranty-voiding process, it is surprising that many are off post , particularly those having a poor understanding technology.

However, the famous iOS device repair company iFixit has uploaded a video to YouTube that shows how easy it can be to replace the battery of your device and rejuvenate a device that would otherwise have missed. It 's unavoidable shame that keeping the battery will decrease with time, but if I had to watch the video and take a few simple tips, you can save some money to pay for repairs, or worse, buy a new phone.

Of course, if you are still under Apple warranty, you will be able to get your battery replaced tired or exhausted anyway, so this solution is more for those with an older device is no longer covered. The process involves the removal of a few screws here and there and pick up a replacement battery online, you can do to not more than ten dollars.

Even if you are covered by a warranty, this method is faster, and if you just so happen to run a jailbreak the device (which no doubt would void the Apple warranty), the approach to you could be your angel saved.

Watch the video embedded below, and be sure to leave your feedback through the usual means

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How to clean dust from the inside of the iPhone 5 camera [VIDEO]

How to clean dust from the inside of the iPhone 5 camera [VIDEO]

Somehow, some camera lenses for the iPhone manages to hold the dirt below the surface. Nobody knows how to get there - especially considering how the production process is such that this sort of thing should not happen - but even if you never open the device before, it is still possible that the points have accumulated in the camera . Of course, you're wondering if there is a way to solve this problem, and we're here to tell you, provided you have the right tools and a little patience is not there!

Of course, opening your iPhone may seem to some like Russian roulette, especially because, of course, may void the warranty if you decide to take matters into their own hands. But hey, if the ground cluster is affecting your photo-taking value - a big problem in society point and shoot these days - then it is obvious that you will want to do something to remedy the situation.

ot all unwanted dirt collected in and around the lens fail to notice the negative effects on your shots, but the chances are, if the problem has become progressively worse over time, eventually start to show. So if you have the right screwdriver to fulfill the last two screws of your iPhone 5, a device for removing the plastic box (to avoid scratching the aluminum finish very nice), a steady hand and a little patience, it can eliminate this annoying problem in half the time.

As shown in JerryRigEverything YouTuber is not that difficult, but if you're nervous to preserve the guarantee to the extent that you prefer to let the dust to continue his activity, then this process is probably not for you. If Apple were to notice any alteration of any kind, which may, and probably will tell you that is no longer covered by warranty.

So to clarify, do not open the device if you do not want to prevent any future warranty coverage, you may have. If you are ok with that and understand the possible complications, so please check out the following video, which provides a step by step tutorial details how you can finally eliminate all the dust, leaving to enjoy taking crisp, clear photos once

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How to make money with Google Adsense Tips

How to make money with Google Adsense Tips

A few days ago I posted Part 1 (Tips to Make Money With Google Adsense (Part 1)) of this article, in which I talked about some valuable tips to make money with Google Adsense. Google has been an excellent source for generating online revenue for web publishers. Adsense affiliate program is the most used on the Internet, which is more and more prints from all over the world.

krishna thapa

Block the unwanted advertisements

Google has a filter that reads the content published on the page and display advertisers interested in increasing the clicks. But not always the case properly and any ad that shows just might not be optimal. You can then block that URL, so that the owner will no longer appear and increase your click through rate (CTR). You can do this from the control panel of your Google Adsense account.

You may already have noticed that Google has a system that reads the page and filter the most relevant ads for the reader. So this means that the more focused the content, the better the click through rate (CTR). Each article discusses one or at most two different issues alone, the more targeted your content is easier for the system identification of keywords and relevant ads that generate a lot of clicks.

Use the colors of the blog
When you create a new flag in Adsense, you have the option to set the colors of it. My advice is to create a flag that looks like the blog design, like a game menu, header, sidebar, background etc.. So your chances of receiving a click is much higher. Another suggestion is to take the edge off cold banners. This can be done easily by putting the edges of a same color as the background of the site.

I think they should be very careful about what kind of flag that serve the best in his blog, that the spaces that produce more, and everything else will have something like a test 5 or 6 months. It 's very important that you do as the tests, change the banner, record results, analyze the most profitable areas. Only then will be able to take 100% advantage of this great affiliate program. Always read NOTICES! posted by the team of Adsense and follow the instructions which often optimal size of the flag you should put in your blog suggests.

CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 - How to make money with Google?

Happy blogging!