Friday, August 9, 2013

Android and Chrome OS could get huge Windfalls From Slowing Worldwide PC Economy

The global PC market is shrinking, and continues its downward trend according to recent data, which means that there are a lot of device manufacturers interested in looking around for what to do next. Acer is one such company, and the company is trying to put the blame on Windows and to find a better solution, according to the WSJ. This could be a very popular song in the years ahead of other manufacturers such as Acer, and this is a great news for Google.

Acer is trying to mitigate its losses in the PC market for the growth of your business is not Windows, and do it quickly. Android is the logical choice for the plans of smartphones and tablets, and Acer President Jim Wang told investors during the quarterly earnings conference call last night that his company "sees a new market there for Chromebooks."

C7 makes the Acer Chromebook, a $ 199 device that has much in common with netbooks in the past, but it runs Chrome OS, the operating system of Google Desktop that more or less has the Chrome browser and extends its capabilities a bit '. It is expected that Chrome OS and Android to make up about 10 to 12 percent of the revenue of Acer later this year, Wang, and could go up to 30 per cent by the end of 2014. Chromebooks up about 3 percent of the total sales of PCs Acer in Q2 2013, which does not sound like much, but it shows an impressive growth in the course of a largely experimental must embark on a well-established market.

The situation is similar to what the other PC makers are seeing. Asus chairman Jonney Shih said the Windows RT basically not helping with slowdown in PC sales, and the company is seeing clearly enough interest for their devices associated with Google Nexus 7 for another round with the new version launched last month.

In the past, Apple has been the beneficiary of a market in crisis PC, iPad sales have increased progressively PC sales have declined, making it seem that there is a direct correlation must see tablets from Apple, satisfy the customers to the point where there was no time mainly the operation of iPads instead of Windows-based notebook. But iPad sales were actually up to the last quarter, for the first time in history. This may be due to a new release cycle that saw no new hardware iPad launched in early 2013, but it could also be a sign that there are other people who can benefit from the decline in PC sales.

Tablets based on Google's mobile operating system have been slow to find its audience, but they are gathering pace, so that Windows was not able to match that market. Chrome OS devices may still be a small fraction of the notebook market, but, at least, represent a different approach with seemingly growing appeal - something that can not necessarily be said of Windows 8 yet. If consumers are acidification on the traditional PC, it makes sense that OEMs will have to put more stock in something like Chrome OS, which has the opportunity to do something other than the business-as-usual approach or so of Microsoft , which actually picking up some of the most innovative aspects of the Windows 8 platform with the next update 8.1.

Google has a number of things going for it in terms of being able to capitalize on the PC industry slowdown: the licensing model means that you can take advantage of the need for manufacturers of existing equipment to put their existing infrastructure to date, and drives the most successful mobile operating system on the planet, in terms of widespread adoption, and it is a name and a brand recognized and trusted around the world.

Once upon a time, there was no reason to take a risk on experiments for Android or Chrome OS for tablet laptop computers to OEMs like Acer, because Windows is a safe and comfortable platform investment income from which milk. This is no longer the case, and could be a very good thing in terms of agitation in consumer devices in the PC market particularly tired.

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