Thursday, August 8, 2013

Replacing the battery of the iPhone 5 in a few simple steps

Thanks to its monocoque finish and the lack of a removable back cover, many assume that the change / replace the battery of an iPhone 5 is difficult. While this, to some extent, is true when comparing, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S4, a new video from iFixit shows that not only is relatively easy to do with the right tools and a little patience, but it is also relatively cheap. You can watch the video tutorial after the jump!

When an iPhone battery begins to deteriorate, it is amazing how many people I met just write off as over the hill, and instead also consider buying a new one and install it by yourself, and just go buy completely new device. That said, it's annoying that the iPhone 5, like all Cupertino smartphone before it, can only be accessed with a screwdriver, and since it is a warranty-voiding process, it is surprising that many are off post , particularly those having a poor understanding technology.

However, the famous iOS device repair company iFixit has uploaded a video to YouTube that shows how easy it can be to replace the battery of your device and rejuvenate a device that would otherwise have missed. It 's unavoidable shame that keeping the battery will decrease with time, but if I had to watch the video and take a few simple tips, you can save some money to pay for repairs, or worse, buy a new phone.

Of course, if you are still under Apple warranty, you will be able to get your battery replaced tired or exhausted anyway, so this solution is more for those with an older device is no longer covered. The process involves the removal of a few screws here and there and pick up a replacement battery online, you can do to not more than ten dollars.

Even if you are covered by a warranty, this method is faster, and if you just so happen to run a jailbreak the device (which no doubt would void the Apple warranty), the approach to you could be your angel saved.

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