About Us

About Us

Theintecs is a great place to learn about the latest technology, gadgets, Networking and Security, Basic Tips Blogging Tips and Tricks, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and operating systems.

Spiritual different sounds in Technology Blog. Why is there something that I put on this earth that governs all the living, and gives life to the creature and I feel God every day of my life, that's why I put the Spiritual in my blog.

Charity is another section on my blog that looks different in every Technology Blog. I put that many people on this earth are powerless. It is a small initiative to help people in need and our team of Social Work are doing really well to provide free medical services.

 I took this initiative to monetize my blog.

These are the basic features of my blog. We want our company to be technically sound, providing all the information on the technology and IT industry too. This is the reason why we have global recommendation soon gave Alexa 346.641 in much less time than spam. We work in a team of highly qualified technocrats.

I'm promising to visitors of this blog to provide good quality content with the latest trend in technology. I want to make this blog as a source of employment for the skilled unemployed.

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(CEO & Founder, Theintecs)

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