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Nexus 7 2013 Specs, Release Date And Pricing

Nexus 7 2013 Specs, Release Date And Pricing

Google has officially taken the wraps off the sequel to Nexus 7 tablet last year, and with the previous model , prized for its high - final set of specifications for a modest price , the new Nexus 7 is equally impressive . Packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.5 GHz , 2 GB of RAM and a strong powerful 1920 x 1200 screen , the new Nexus 7 is a worthy successor to one of the most popular lists of industry mobile , and all have the rest of the data comes to you just after the break .



There is no doubt that , by 7 - inch screen, 1,200 x 1,920 resolution looks great , and although of course we have to wait for a hands - discover or color , contrast and viewing angles are up , in the unlikely we'll see the pixels with the new Nexus 7 and 323 ppi screen.

The new Nexus 7 also accurately represent colors, up to 30% more accurate than the previous generation tablet Nexus 7 .


Under the hood, as Google often used to say , is a quad -core Snapdragon S4 Pro , which runs at 1.5 GHz . This , as many of you know , the same processor as the popular smartphone Nexus 4 , although some reports have suggested that the new Nexus 7 was much 4GB RAM address , it follows again the LG - smartphone counterpart ready to a healthy 2GB of RAM.

The new Nexus 7 is 2 mm thinner than the previous Nexus 7, but that's not all , even the bezel is 2.75 mm thinner than the previous generation tablet . The device is now 6 mm narrower , and here comes the best part : it is 50 grams lighter !

In a sense, this new tablet Nexus is really an extension of the Nexus 4 , with many striking similarities in their makeup. Same processor, same amount of RAM and the same relatively strong hardware specs list . This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you own a Nexus 4 , you probably wonder what incentive do you have to go pick up one of these on, keep the larger screen .

Those who are really into music will be pleased to know that the new Nexus 7 comes with stereo speakers, one on each side , so you have a better idea of ​​its contents.

The default device Wi - Fi (802.11 b / g / n / ) support, Bluetooth 4.0 , HDMI output, and for customers in the U.S. , Google will send a 4G LTE model , which will be fully unlocked and will be at the AT & T, Verizon and T available - Mobile.

The new Nexus 7 makes NFC package , and while the RAM count would not have complied with the billing, back there looking at what is rumored 5 - megapixel . While not expect high performance tail gunner , at least , the possibility is there now, fans of Instagram as a complement - happy as they want without endangering .

Last but not least, the new Nexus 7 features wireless charging and is compatible with any standard charger Qi . That's a big advantage.

Battery :

The new Nexus 7 functions for HD video playback of 9 hours of battery life , and 10 hours while surfing the web .

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean:

As we suspected , Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is in the device as stocks, and we'll be covering the software in more detail in a separate message . UPDATE : Here's what 's new in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Price and release date

As far as price goes: the 16GB version of the tablet famous ship for $ 229, while the 32GB model will sell for $ 269 . The devices will be available through Google Play Store and will be available through various sales channels in the U.S. .

The 16 GB and 32 GB Wi - Fi models will be available from Google Play to start next Tuesday. The 32GB model with LTE will be available for $ 349 and will be available in the "coming weeks " .

What do you think of the new Nexus 7? Does it meet your expectations , or if you pass what is essentially a Nexus tablified 4 ? Do not share your opinion and comments below!

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Nexus 7 2013 is Now available internationally in the following countries

Nexus 7 2013 is Now available internationally in the following countries

Nexus 7 tablet made ​​waves around this time last year , when it was first released in the market , and the announcement of his successor recently caused a stir in tech circles like . Besides offering a better processor and more RAM than its predecessor , the second generation of creation ASUS also has a rear-facing camera of 5 megapixels , something that was missing last time. After a successful Stateside release, the Nexus 7 2013 is now available for other markets, including made ​​the United Kingdom, Japan , France , Germany and Spain .

The tablet market is still dominated by Apple's iPad , and so far , everyone is trying to go to work. The iPad Mini release late last year contributed to the rule of Cupertino as to consolidate a leader in the industry but that has not stopped the Nexus 7 sales in strong numbers .

The last Nexus 7 was the first to the pantry to send - lisa Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box , and the second iteration follows a similar pattern , offering Android 4.3 flash drive . Those in the UK that their hands can expect to pay € 199.99 , while the 16GB model the 32GB version costs £ 239.99 in the UK wing of Google Play Store . Given that these are the same prices that would do well to find better for the money last year for 8 and 16 GB respectively , which is a nice increase , and those looking for a solid slate , with reasonable price .

Those who live in France , Germany and Spain will have to allocate € 229 for the 16GB model and € 269 for the 32GB model .

In Japan , the 16GB version costs 27.800 yen for the 16GB version, which is a bit of a walk in the previous model , but when you see what the Nexus 7 offers compared to other tablets , just filled , but it is a bad thing.

In addition to the new nations added , Google has also promised a release for Korea and Australia , and although still no sign of anyone seeing the Nexus 7 at this time , it is likely to start leaking on both in the next two weeks .

We will keep an eye out for Korean and Australian versions of the Nexus 7 , so make sure you stay informed of our coverage. Those who can now proceed in the above countries and get your own Nexus 7 on the way to the store Google Play .

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How to start Windows 8 in Safe Mode

How to start Windows 8 in Safe Mode

Troubleshooting Windows based PC has many steps. You can try system restore if necessary , or play with the MSConfig utility , or test system, depending on the nature of the problem we are facing. Of all the steps to solving common problems , Safe Mode is one of the most used. Start your computer in safe mode is something you should always try and face a problem with a normal startup, even if you do not know much about what you are doing . This is the standard for PC users for years, until Windows 8 in Safe Mode suddenly missing . Similar to wireless ad - hoc connection in Windows 8, it's not like the mode of implementation is completed, it's just buried deep , and requires a series of steps to be activated . In this post we will guide you how to boot a Windows 8 PCs in safe mode.

There are two approaches to achieving safe mode of Windows 8. Anyone can get a machine that can boot normally , where it is much easier to do in safe mode, or if you have a computer not to restart in normal mode, where you have to rely on the Recovery Console for Windows 8 these mode .

Boot in Safe Mode If Windows is running normally

In this case , all you have to do is make some changes for the MSConfig utility , and the next boat will get up and run the PC in safe mode.

Step 1 : Press Win + R to get the Run window. Type " msconfig" (without the quotes ) and launch the utility.

Step 2 : On the Home tab , see Safe Boot , followed by the type of safe mode you want to accomplish . hit Apply

That's it - if you reboot your computer after going to boot into safe mode .

A notable mention here is the fact that with this configuration , the system always starts in safe mode. To return to normal operation , simply restart msconfig and disable secure boot . The next reboot (and later) is back to normal Windows 8 environment .

Windows 8 Booting in safe mode If the PC does not boot

This is a bit tricky, because it takes trial and error ( and patience) to Windows 8 " recovery mode " start when the start sequence is running. What you should do is , beyond the BIOS screen , hold down the Shift key and press F8 key repeatedly . You'll have to go into recovery mode , but it may take several attempts before they succeed.

Once the recovery screen appears , click View Advanced Options button repair. On the next screen , click the Troubleshoot button .

When troubleshooting menu , click Advanced, which is the Windows startup configuration . Choose .

The next screen will ask you to restart your PC again after you see the Advanced Boot Options screen family - the same one that has been around since Windows XP - and you can choose Safe Mode.

Really not sure why Microsoft would be as useful as safely buried so deep and complicated within the different screens , but certainly not convenient, to say the least . However, there is , and you can certainly get there if you know where to look.

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How to fully optimize Android devices for fast performance and longer battery life [ VIDEO ]

How to fully optimize Android devices for fast performance and longer battery life [ VIDEO ]

Although smartphones are getting better in all areas , including energy , performance and battery life , you should still take care to maximize the battery life and daily activities so that the total cost without a hitch . After all, the technology is still far from perfect , sometimes , and if you are in possession of a mobile device , found with decreasing life and performance of the battery at some point . But with an application such as Super Optimize for Android , you can keep in good health for as long as possible , and if the device is struggling to cope with the daily grind , your device this is for you.

If you are short of storage space or the device just feels a bit lethargic and in need of a late Spring Clean , Optimize Super Android is the set of tools necessary for your smartphone or tablet running again at full speed . Located on an interface Holo - eseque , is very easy to navigate through the different options , and when you apply the settings , the device must be felt long raincoat and ready for action .

You can easily check which applications are in order of the most juice , and if you do not see the application as a whole is necessary , just to get off them. Although we all have a rough idea of ​​which applications drain the battery faster , you may be surprised at some applications that silently lurk forwarding these precious drops , so the appearance of battery management application is very useful .

You can also easily remove applications , a process that also allows you to delete temporary files hogging space . From the looks of privacy, Super Optimize you can also clean up the Belgian history , search history, mail and message drafts, which means that you can remove , for good, your personal information if required.

With an intuitive and uncluttered interface and a multitude of options , Super Optimisation is the easy way to free up space and personalize your device in general . Pick through the link below - it's free, after all - and make sure that under your leave comments .

(Download: Super Optimizing for Android on the Play Store)

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Windows 8.1 Changes: This is what's new

Windows 8.1 Changes: This is what's new

Microsoft has officially lifted the lid of the first major update to its desktop operating system Windows 8 and can confirm that it is a fairly important point update for users of the platform. Instead of the usual small incremental changes that we sometimes see with OS updates, Microsoft clearly had serious hat in the development of Windows 8.1. In addition to the proposed changes and surprisingly the Redmond-based company has also taken the opportunity to be a part of their native applications, and the introduction of some new applications with the 8.1 update will certainly be well received by users to work. Read on to find out what's new in Windows 8.1

Personalization on the agenda to make to have been. System improvements It seems that Windows 8 users have tried to use the operating system, so the design and development teams had not foreseen, leading to the possibility that those who upgrade to 8.1 turn on your PC or tablet into an animated presentation with Staff photo galleries from the lock screen. These galleries can be selected from a local source in the device in question or to choose from a cloud-based application with Microsoft SkyDrive. Users can now (if any) to capture images without having to also enter directly from the lock screen with the camera of the device

The new customization features was awarded the opportunity to do additional colors and backgrounds to choose for the Home screen with the most exciting part is probably the fact that it can be. Motion-based funds are used

And yes, as rumored, and confirmed by a series of leaked screenshots yesterday, the Start button in Windows 8.1 is very real, and does a spectacular return in this version.

Windows 8.1 will also bring changes in popular search charm now offer very easy to read the results in a list that is composed of a variety of different sources and understand. Microsoft hopes that the changes in this part of the system will make it easier and faster for users to do things.

Nearly all modern operating systems are complemented with native applications and app markets that may require additional software to be installed, and Windows 8 is no different. Microsoft has recognized the importance of native applications and a number of changes introduced with the release of Windows 8.1. An example of this is the photo application that is extended with additional editing features can be accessed by other applications, such as SkyDrive and Mail. The Music application also received a facelift to enable users to interact with your music collection better. Windows 8.1 also introduces some wonderful opportunities to interact with multiple applications simultaneously with the new format of opportunities, as well as a fantastic upgrade to the Windows Store, which will offer users much more information about the applications before.

The Windows Store based changes seem to be aimed at users with detailed information about the most popular, and although enhances the experience of Windows 8, it just seems to fall in line with other markets of successful applications. Changes in Microsoft SkyDrive application also ensures that users can access the files on the device or in the cloud and can be accessed even without an internet connection continuously. What's that you say? Want to use without a better and faster access to device settings via the Control Panel? Windows 8.1 provides the ability to get things improved as display settings, power management settings and resolution directly from the PC Setup area. Access

Internet Explorer has always been a controversial topic among internet users, but Microsoft has the importance of web browsing recognized and great changes with IE11. Microsoft has previously announced as Internet Explorer 10 is "built for touch", and that trend looks set to continue with the next generation of Internet Explorer, which has better performance and light touch fast loading of pages. For those who do not use the touch devices, or rather old school with a mouse and a physical keyboard, then the Redmond company also has you covered with Windows 8.1. Now there are options to change what each corner when the operating system is in use with the idea of ​​the dramatic improvement of navigation on the operating system for users of hardware accessories.

It seems that Microsoft has taken a step back heard consumer feedback and acted on it in the best possible way, while introducing some of their own changes. We can not wait to see what the future will bring. Changes for this operating system in evolution

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Windows 8.1 RTM is now officially the general availability Penned Down for October 18

Windows 8.1 RTM is now officially the general availability Penned Down for October 18

We heard through the grapevine that Windows 8.1 RTM was completed, and now, last week started the process. New devices and machines with Windows 8.1 will be available from 18 October, with manufacturers licenses for the software that was pre-installed issued, everything seems to function on schedule properly.

Every time Microsoft is on the cusp of a new version of Windows, there are always a number of things, but since Windows 8.1, which was reduced to one year after Windows 8 is a less drastic change in the light of the new provision of the company to release cycles, there seems to be a lot of dialogue between the Redmond company and millions of users have been. No doubt, with the return of the Start button a topic of much relief for many Windows users, the release date in October can not come soon enough, and IFA in Berlin configured to display a series of new Windows 8.1 devices again , Microsoft anticipate strong adoption rates again.

Because, you see, while Windows 8 much criticism - partly due to the Start button and restored - the number of people finding it was still fairly high, and although the installation rate virtually identical to Windows 7 was not significantly improve the company expects , Windows 8.1, with favorable changes and improvements, have the ability to resolve this.

As I picked up some time ago, those already on Windows 8 offering a free upgrade, and with a little more than six weeks between now and then, it will not be long before users can meet the Start button. Officially Besides these, some other important features, including a lot of new applications - especially Internet Explorer 11 - Most versatile hardware support and a set home screen considerably.

Although the official release date is scheduled on October 18, we probably could get to the Windows Store, the day before, on 17 October. Windows 8.1 Whatever the case, we will, as always, all the important details regarding the update when they arrive, so be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here in Redmond Pie!

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How to Speed ​​Up Your Smartphone Using SD card as RAM

How to Speed ​​Up Your Smartphone Using SD card as RAM

Is your Smartphone runs on a very low RAM? Are you bored with his low speed and want to increase your RAM phone certainly can not do everything in its internal circuit, but that's definitely increase your RAM using your SD card. Yes! You can use Class 4 or higher SD card for excellent speed of your phone display.

What you should do is just to spend some time and raise just a few things to the internal memory and RAM. Follow steps described and it will end with improved RAM and processing speed.

Step 1 - Check Whether swapping your phone support or not:

For SD card as RAM, your phone must support the function. Exchange Exchange can download to see if your phone is compatible with ROM swap.


  • SD card

  • Rooted Smartphone

  • SD card reader

  • Window PC

  • Download. Internet connection for software

Step 2 - Partition SD card:

  • To partition your SD card partition software download Tool Mini.

  • Install on the PC screen.

  • Now connect the SD card with the card reader.

  • Mini Open tools application and click on the SD card and select the Delete option.

  • This format of the SD card, so before you back up your data anywhere on the PC drive or pen.

  • Now the SD card formatted and you blank card with the unallocated space.

  • Create partition by right clicking on the SD card. Select the primary partition and file system as FAT32 for cards larger than 4GB.

  • Leave about 1 GB of memory for the next partition.

  • Select Done and again click on the option to select the primary partition but changing the file system EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.

  • Click to apply changes and after a few minutes to make partition is complete.

Root your Phone

  • After installing Google Link2SD parts to play or to download and install. Apk format from here.

  • To give. Launch the application and root permissions Koos. Ext partition that you had done before.

  • Order the application and start linking.

The increase of the RAM:

  • For the RAM that you should "Swapper for Root" on Google Play store download increase.

  • Open the application and select the amount of RAM you want to promote.

  • Application will submit. SWP and after a RAM searched increases.

You can also increase your RAM using RAM expander ROEHSOFT Androids, here's how to do it-

  • Check your kernel support swap or not.

  • ROEHSOFT download application from Android Market.

  • Follow the guidelines for the exchange of your phone.

  • Select the language of the application first opens.

  • Active exchange Click to create and activate the swap.

  • After the process is complete, the swapfile.

  • This application part expansion with SD card as RAM and the speed of your phone.

Now you can enjoy all the HD games and applications that require a lot of RAM. We recommend using a large memory card for best results.

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Open Source Jailbreak is open for everyone, here are the details

Open Source Jailbreak is open for everyone, here are the details

If you like jailbreak persuasion and knows his way in the world of coding, you may need to know that a new website is open to the public, which aims to make the cooperation of manufacturers jailbreak an easier process concerned than it was previously. is creating the popular and indeed successful jailbreak developer Joshua Hill. Also known as p0sixninja, has Colina responsible for more than one jailbreak been in recent years, and while the man himself is to maintain a low profile species in recent times, the hill is once again trying to turn it into something much more that consistency jailbreak community which has been in the past.

Speaking at today WWJC case, Hill himself said he believes there are five different types of jailbreak users, average users, the fanboys / girls, developers, security researchers and those responsible for jailbreak. focuses on the last three years, as well as anyone who wants to know how escapes are made from scratch. More The goal is to have a central area where all jailbreak may have had to develop a home so it is easier for the stakeholders code to manage all the magic happen.

In the long run, Hill hopes the site and shoot projects, be able to maintain in the coming years. Sustainable Jailbreaking

The important thing to remember? is no jailbreak!

Currently, the jailbreak developers and managers often spread worldwide and allowed for the creation of the jailbreak process exploits that we all use to hack. Our iOS devices in their own way often, these developers come together to form groups, but the thing is much less organized than it could be. Open Jailbreak Hill aims to facilitate by providing a central repository jailbreaking code, as of today, collaboration is open to everyone. It is based on the application of export project management, so is very familiar with the world of application development. If you've ever used Github, probably at home.

The aim Jailbreak Open final is likely to help jailbreak iOS 7 available as soon as possible. Latest and greatest version of Apple's operating system touch iPhone, iPad and iPod is a few weeks of the expected release, and when that day comes the call for a jailbreak undoubtedly begin. Images that have reached what looks like a jailbreak injected into a 7-powered device iOS, but as we all know, that does not mean anything, because now necessarily. With so many changes under the hood of the seventh iteration of iOS, there are sure to be a unique challenge for July 1 jailbreak iOS reality.

Hopefully Open Jailbreak for iOS 7 may be a little easier for all of us to make the transition. All we can do is wait and see what the hard working developers have in store for us.

For more information about Open Jailbreak, check out the Hill presentation slides here.

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