Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Speed ​​Up Your Smartphone Using SD card as RAM

Is your Smartphone runs on a very low RAM? Are you bored with his low speed and want to increase your RAM phone certainly can not do everything in its internal circuit, but that's definitely increase your RAM using your SD card. Yes! You can use Class 4 or higher SD card for excellent speed of your phone display.

What you should do is just to spend some time and raise just a few things to the internal memory and RAM. Follow steps described and it will end with improved RAM and processing speed.

Step 1 - Check Whether swapping your phone support or not:

For SD card as RAM, your phone must support the function. Exchange Exchange can download to see if your phone is compatible with ROM swap.


  • SD card

  • Rooted Smartphone

  • SD card reader

  • Window PC

  • Download. Internet connection for software

Step 2 - Partition SD card:

  • To partition your SD card partition software download Tool Mini.

  • Install on the PC screen.

  • Now connect the SD card with the card reader.

  • Mini Open tools application and click on the SD card and select the Delete option.

  • This format of the SD card, so before you back up your data anywhere on the PC drive or pen.

  • Now the SD card formatted and you blank card with the unallocated space.

  • Create partition by right clicking on the SD card. Select the primary partition and file system as FAT32 for cards larger than 4GB.

  • Leave about 1 GB of memory for the next partition.

  • Select Done and again click on the option to select the primary partition but changing the file system EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.

  • Click to apply changes and after a few minutes to make partition is complete.

Root your Phone

  • After installing Google Link2SD parts to play or to download and install. Apk format from here.

  • To give. Launch the application and root permissions Koos. Ext partition that you had done before.

  • Order the application and start linking.

The increase of the RAM:

  • For the RAM that you should "Swapper for Root" on Google Play store download increase.

  • Open the application and select the amount of RAM you want to promote.

  • Application will submit. SWP and after a RAM searched increases.

You can also increase your RAM using RAM expander ROEHSOFT Androids, here's how to do it-

  • Check your kernel support swap or not.

  • ROEHSOFT download application from Android Market.

  • Follow the guidelines for the exchange of your phone.

  • Select the language of the application first opens.

  • Active exchange Click to create and activate the swap.

  • After the process is complete, the swapfile.

  • This application part expansion with SD card as RAM and the speed of your phone.

Now you can enjoy all the HD games and applications that require a lot of RAM. We recommend using a large memory card for best results.

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