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How to start Windows 8 in Safe Mode

Troubleshooting Windows based PC has many steps. You can try system restore if necessary , or play with the MSConfig utility , or test system, depending on the nature of the problem we are facing. Of all the steps to solving common problems , Safe Mode is one of the most used. Start your computer in safe mode is something you should always try and face a problem with a normal startup, even if you do not know much about what you are doing . This is the standard for PC users for years, until Windows 8 in Safe Mode suddenly missing . Similar to wireless ad - hoc connection in Windows 8, it's not like the mode of implementation is completed, it's just buried deep , and requires a series of steps to be activated . In this post we will guide you how to boot a Windows 8 PCs in safe mode.

There are two approaches to achieving safe mode of Windows 8. Anyone can get a machine that can boot normally , where it is much easier to do in safe mode, or if you have a computer not to restart in normal mode, where you have to rely on the Recovery Console for Windows 8 these mode .

Boot in Safe Mode If Windows is running normally

In this case , all you have to do is make some changes for the MSConfig utility , and the next boat will get up and run the PC in safe mode.

Step 1 : Press Win + R to get the Run window. Type " msconfig" (without the quotes ) and launch the utility.

Step 2 : On the Home tab , see Safe Boot , followed by the type of safe mode you want to accomplish . hit Apply

That's it - if you reboot your computer after going to boot into safe mode .

A notable mention here is the fact that with this configuration , the system always starts in safe mode. To return to normal operation , simply restart msconfig and disable secure boot . The next reboot (and later) is back to normal Windows 8 environment .

Windows 8 Booting in safe mode If the PC does not boot

This is a bit tricky, because it takes trial and error ( and patience) to Windows 8 " recovery mode " start when the start sequence is running. What you should do is , beyond the BIOS screen , hold down the Shift key and press F8 key repeatedly . You'll have to go into recovery mode , but it may take several attempts before they succeed.

Once the recovery screen appears , click View Advanced Options button repair. On the next screen , click the Troubleshoot button .

When troubleshooting menu , click Advanced, which is the Windows startup configuration . Choose .

The next screen will ask you to restart your PC again after you see the Advanced Boot Options screen family - the same one that has been around since Windows XP - and you can choose Safe Mode.

Really not sure why Microsoft would be as useful as safely buried so deep and complicated within the different screens , but certainly not convenient, to say the least . However, there is , and you can certainly get there if you know where to look.

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