Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to fully optimize Android devices for fast performance and longer battery life [ VIDEO ]

Although smartphones are getting better in all areas , including energy , performance and battery life , you should still take care to maximize the battery life and daily activities so that the total cost without a hitch . After all, the technology is still far from perfect , sometimes , and if you are in possession of a mobile device , found with decreasing life and performance of the battery at some point . But with an application such as Super Optimize for Android , you can keep in good health for as long as possible , and if the device is struggling to cope with the daily grind , your device this is for you.

If you are short of storage space or the device just feels a bit lethargic and in need of a late Spring Clean , Optimize Super Android is the set of tools necessary for your smartphone or tablet running again at full speed . Located on an interface Holo - eseque , is very easy to navigate through the different options , and when you apply the settings , the device must be felt long raincoat and ready for action .

You can easily check which applications are in order of the most juice , and if you do not see the application as a whole is necessary , just to get off them. Although we all have a rough idea of ​​which applications drain the battery faster , you may be surprised at some applications that silently lurk forwarding these precious drops , so the appearance of battery management application is very useful .

You can also easily remove applications , a process that also allows you to delete temporary files hogging space . From the looks of privacy, Super Optimize you can also clean up the Belgian history , search history, mail and message drafts, which means that you can remove , for good, your personal information if required.

With an intuitive and uncluttered interface and a multitude of options , Super Optimisation is the easy way to free up space and personalize your device in general . Pick through the link below - it's free, after all - and make sure that under your leave comments .

(Download: Super Optimizing for Android on the Play Store)

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