Sunday, August 25, 2013

Open Source Jailbreak is open for everyone, here are the details

If you like jailbreak persuasion and knows his way in the world of coding, you may need to know that a new website is open to the public, which aims to make the cooperation of manufacturers jailbreak an easier process concerned than it was previously. is creating the popular and indeed successful jailbreak developer Joshua Hill. Also known as p0sixninja, has Colina responsible for more than one jailbreak been in recent years, and while the man himself is to maintain a low profile species in recent times, the hill is once again trying to turn it into something much more that consistency jailbreak community which has been in the past.

Speaking at today WWJC case, Hill himself said he believes there are five different types of jailbreak users, average users, the fanboys / girls, developers, security researchers and those responsible for jailbreak. focuses on the last three years, as well as anyone who wants to know how escapes are made from scratch. More The goal is to have a central area where all jailbreak may have had to develop a home so it is easier for the stakeholders code to manage all the magic happen.

In the long run, Hill hopes the site and shoot projects, be able to maintain in the coming years. Sustainable Jailbreaking

The important thing to remember? is no jailbreak!

Currently, the jailbreak developers and managers often spread worldwide and allowed for the creation of the jailbreak process exploits that we all use to hack. Our iOS devices in their own way often, these developers come together to form groups, but the thing is much less organized than it could be. Open Jailbreak Hill aims to facilitate by providing a central repository jailbreaking code, as of today, collaboration is open to everyone. It is based on the application of export project management, so is very familiar with the world of application development. If you've ever used Github, probably at home.

The aim Jailbreak Open final is likely to help jailbreak iOS 7 available as soon as possible. Latest and greatest version of Apple's operating system touch iPhone, iPad and iPod is a few weeks of the expected release, and when that day comes the call for a jailbreak undoubtedly begin. Images that have reached what looks like a jailbreak injected into a 7-powered device iOS, but as we all know, that does not mean anything, because now necessarily. With so many changes under the hood of the seventh iteration of iOS, there are sure to be a unique challenge for July 1 jailbreak iOS reality.

Hopefully Open Jailbreak for iOS 7 may be a little easier for all of us to make the transition. All we can do is wait and see what the hard working developers have in store for us.

For more information about Open Jailbreak, check out the Hill presentation slides here.

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