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List of Android 4.4 Kitkat Mobiles & Tablets

List of Android 4.4 Kitkat Mobiles & Tablets

Google unveiled long-waited android version, Android 4.4 KitKat. Here is the list of android mobiles which will get Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Nexus 5 – Default
Nexus 4 – Coming soon
Nexus 7 – Coming Soon
Nexus 10 - Coming Soon

Google Edition

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Coming Soon
HTC One - Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Coming Soon

Moto X
Droid Ultra
Droid Maxx
Droid Mini

HTC One Max
HTC One Mini

* This list will updated when we heard the new announcements. If you feel any device missed on this list, please inform us on comment box.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Google launches Nexus 5, Android KitKat

Google launches Nexus 5, Android KitKat

Google unveiled its next generation smartphone , the Nexus 5 , along with the Android 4.4 operating system KitKat , at a press event in San Francisco on Thursday.

The Nexus 5 a 5 - inch smartphone , will go on sale Thursday for $ 349 without contract 16GB version and $ 399 for 32GB . Both are available in black and white.

It is a lightweight , thin, a third of an inch thick and weighs 4.59 grams The phone has a fast Snapdragon processor and 800 " is pretty bad touching , " said Dave Burke , engineering director of Google Android .

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The biggest innovation in Nexus 5 is the camera lens , which moves in the phone to compensate for movement . "You do not have to worry about shaky hands , " said Burke . A new way of HDR + selects and sews the best possible recording of a burst of images .

But the company's most of the event, the promotion of the new operating system . KitKat is designed to work on all Android devices , especially in emerging markets . Other Nexus devices will receive the update " in the coming weeks ," according to Google .

The applications are tuned to use less power , said Sundar Pichai , head of Android . The Chrome browser , for example , use 16 % less energy than its predecessor KitKat , Jelly Bean .

Google also improved its voice recognition software , which can now be accessed from any screen saying " OK Google . " A translucent Google search bar will be on all screens available. Search results are an option you directly to applications - for example, the open table reservation application when you are looking for a restaurant .

Google Now , the location-aware search services will provide more results of what people around you are looking for. The application provides phone numbers for business around you , even if they are not in your contacts , and Google Cloud Print will be more opportunities to directly from Android phones on offer .

Stay tuned for our practice with the Nexus 5 KitKat .

Airmobile 2.5 Flying car makes first test flight

Airmobile 2.5 Flying car makes first test flight

A company in Bratislava , Slovakia is developing a flying car prototype that tries the shared dream of futurists reaching around the world : A functional road car that can easily transition to a plane .

Airmobile launched test flight images Airmobile 2.5, a two-seater with an engine of 100 hp Rotax 912. That may not seem powerful, but enough to make the tires on the ground and power rear-mounted propeller airplane mode to get .

According to Digital Trends Airmobile of 2.5 , a maximum speed of 124 kilometers per hour to reach with a reported range of about 430 kilometers in the air. Steel frame with carbon fiber body keeps the car in a slim 992 pounds .

The idea of folding retractable wings in a car is also promoted by Terrafugia , a company based in Woburn , Massachusetts his top-flight development Terrafugia Transition is a few years ahead of the Air 2.5, which is not yet ready for production .

Monday, October 28, 2013

How to play Windows games on a Mac

How to play Windows games on a Mac

Play games designed for Windows on your Mac will not be a hassle . There are a few ways to make that happen and a good selection of software out there to help you. Some virtualization methods are cheaper than others , but programs like CrossOver , Wine , Parallels and VMware will help you do the job. Check out our guide to help you choose the option that suits you you. See also Group test : What 's the best PC game ?

Play Windows games on a Mac with Boot Camp

Apple virtualization solution is very simple . By installing Boot Camp and Windows on your computer, you can run the Windows boot and start playing from there , if your system has the graphics power to keep . Apple says that Boot Camp is a good choice because it does not let the fight against the same performance issues that come with emulators .
You can install Windows and iOS side to side and switch between the two just using Boot Camp . During installation , the auxiliary tool is to host , without removing it from Mac . Partition a Windows operating system A disadvantage is that a reboot every time may change you. Operating systems , which is annoying
Apple Boot Camp is fully compatible with Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7 . You have the option to tell the operating system to default . Restart your computer The files of the programs that are installed will be sent to the operating system partition is active . Boot Camp is a licensed Windows installation disc , it may not be an option for some .

You can see our guide on how to boot with Windows 7 Mac dual or triple here .

Play Windows games on a Mac using Wine

Wine is a free open source alternative 1.4Wine and CrossOver they can save some money . The application is still in Beta , so here and there expect the occasional hiccup . Not all programs smoothly , but the product is still proving to be among the online users very popular.
Wine can access the contents of Windows on a Mac by creating separate prefixes for each application . It is not an application in itself, but a tool that allows your computer to run programs not be used. You will not be much of a performance drop experience either , which is ideal if you want to avoid delay of the game .
As with CrossOver , Wine struggle with new games and skills through previous versions . Be warned , while some applications will work normally, other cargo is all . Linux users need to visit our guide on how to run Windows programs on Linux with Wine .
The wine online database is particularly useful application . It contains the top 25 games and tools that work seamlessly on virtualization , along with fixes known bugs , email support , and a library on the application, the developer navigate . Big titles like World of Warcraft and Blizzard Bethesda Fallout 3 works very well in Wine .
More about Wine 1.4 here .

Play Windows games on a Mac with CrossOver

10This application designed by Code Weaver CrossOver Mac can install on your Mac PC. Many popular Windows applications and games CrossOver is a paid version of Wine , and serves as an alternative that comes with additional support and product updates .
You 'll be pleased to know that an affordable product . Can CrossOver trial for a period of two weeks and then there is a £ 25 price tag for the basic package to offer , giving you a month email support with the software itself .
CrossOver XI is the name of the latest version and it is fully compatible with the latest update for Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion . Linux users are in luck too, although the installation process takes a little longer . If you want to ensure that you are able to use your favorite programs before you will be , it is advisable to try the ' what works ? Feature on the site. Since the use of the tool , we found that CrossOver works with a good selection of popular games including : Team Fortress 2 The Elder Scrolls V : . Skyrim and Portal 2 Valve Steam Client games also supported.
Older applications play much better with CrossOver . If you want the latest versions of Microsoft software , such as Excel , Word and Powerpoint use , you're on a bumpy ride . Code Weaver team warns : " In our tests , we find that these applications have bugs that prevent it running smoothly . "
You do not need a Windows license to run CrossOver needed . Definitely a decent price , but in terms of functionality of the software is far from perfect .
More about CrossOver Mac Standard Edition 10 .

Play Windows games on a Mac with Parallels Desktop 7

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Review This is one of the most expensive we've found , but it works a treat . Parallels to run a Windows license but if you sort that out you will be rewarded with one of the softer parts of virtualization software out there . First time buyers will have to pay £ 65 , but the upgrade from earlier versions cost £ 35 . As with CrossOver , a trial version is available .
Mobile users can expand . Their experience in the use of the remote application The mobile application works with the iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch with internet connection and you can control from the palm of your hand your desktop. There is a slight decrease in visual quality , but the app is only £ 2.99 .
Although Parallels Desktop 7 is more expensive than the other programs that we have covered , is relatively easy to use and works well with most tasks . A recent update means that the program not only works with Apple Mountain Lion , but also build the current Windows 8 Preview .
Features include integrated store which to buy your Windows programs and the ability to Mac iSight camera from within the Windows operating system . The installation is very simple and Microsoft Office 2010 , which many other virtualization tools struggle with , works perfectly here .
You may have to pay more than CrossOver , but the features included with Parallels Desktop 7 justify the discharge. You can read our full review of Parallels Desktop 7 here.

Play Windows games on a Mac with VMware Fusion 4

VMware Fusion 4VMWARE offers customizable features that most virtualization programs we have seen . Costs £ 39.99 , offers a variety of features and user interface modes . You can choose from a full screen option , a viewing window mode Unity . VMware recommends Unity eye for most users , offering an experience " fully integrated " . Choose this option , and you do not see the Windows taskbar or icons . It will seem like you are using a Mac regularly to the untrained eye, but you will also work undercover windows.
If you've tried Parallels Desktop and fancy a change , allows you to import VMware virtual machines above . It is a useful function , taking into account the creation of new partitions from scratch may take a while . Also do not need to reboot when you change your operating system.
Fusion applications such as Microsoft Project , Access and Internet Explorer , but how they do in the game process ? VMware online reports suggest that may be involved in the execution of games smoothly temperamental. You should be able to use your peripherals , however , that the application only Windows USB devices such as gamepads and joysticks handle.
VMware Fusion 4 for Mac is £ 39.99 and you can try it for 30 days before deciding whether to make the purchase or not. The bundle package in the official product website offers a good value for money , which comes with 18 months of free email support and 12 - month free subscription to McAfee antivirus .
The 10 Richest Lawyers in the World

The 10 Richest Lawyers in the World

Although the names of the people on this list are not the richest in the world , which are the richest in the chosen industry - law. Here is a list of the top ten world's richest lawyers .

10 . Howard K. Popa - $ 500,000

The Anna Nicole Smith 's ex - partner and brought medical

Howard K. Stern , though last in the list of world's richest lawyer , remains one of the richest , with a net worth estimated $ 500,000. Kevin Born Howard Stern on November 29, 1968 , the U.S. attorney is also the agent and the former partner of the late Anna Nicole Smith (model) . Stern , born and raised in Los Angeles , California. He graduated from the University of California, where he has a bachelor's degree. His entry into the California Bar Association was held on February 25, 1994 .

9. Stacey Gardner - $ 1 Million

Stacey Gardner is not only known for her modeling career , is also considered as one of the world's richest lawyers . She was born in Beverly Hills, California. He completed his law degree from Southwestern Law School and proceeded to take the bar exam where he died in 2005 . His other notable performances include a model for a series of salon advertising and being a Fox News red carpet. It is also one of the models in the series Deal or No Deal. Stacey Gardner is reported to have a net worth of $ 1 million.

8. Vikki Ziegler - $ 2.5 million

Vikki Ziegler is a television personality , author and attorney. A native of New Jersey, Ziegler is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has a diploma from the School of Law, Quinnipiac University , a University of Connecticut. After graduating from law school , he worked as a clerk for the New Jersey mediator training . In the late 90's , Ziegler decided to open . Your own private practice specializing in civil litigation and matrimonial Wealthy Vikki Ziegler reports , is $ 2.5 million.

7. Jose Baez - $ 5,000,000

Jose Baez , as he was born in New York , grew up traveling back and forth from the Bronx to Florida . Before graduating , he had to leave after his girlfriend became pregnant school. Completed his GED and still , but left to join the U.S. Navy back in the mid - 80 . It was an intelligence analyst before he graduated from Florida State University . In 1997 he completed his law degree from St. Thomas School of Law University . He was admitted to the Florida Bar immediately after graduation due to their bankruptcy problems . It was not until 2005 when his income came . Wealthy Jose Baez ' s $ 5 billion.

6. Ana Quincoces - $ 8 million

Cuban - American Ana Quincoces not only a lawyer but also a gourmet chef and reality show star . She grew up in Miami , Florida , where he began to enjoy cooking , even when he was very young. They self - published her own cookbook entitled Cuban Chicks Can Cook , which quickly became a bestseller . It was in another cookbook, this time titled write Taste ! Passion for Cuban cuisine , which consolidated its success in the kitchen. Ana Quincoces is said to have a net worth of about $ 8 million.

5. Vernon Jordan - $ 12 million


Vernon Jordan is a civil rights activist , and at the same time , also a lawyer . Born in Georgia. The U.S. attorney is known to excel in school. In 1957 he graduated from DePauw University . He graduated from law school at Howard University . After graduation , we returned to Georgia, where he worked here for Donal L. Hollowel a very dedicated advocate for civil rights . While working for Hollowel , Jordan played an important role in winning a racial discrimination lawsuit against the University of Georgia. Vernon Jordan has a net worth of $ 12 million.

4. Joel Segal - $ 40 million

Joel Segal is a graduate of Hofstra Law School, where he received his law degree . He began his career as a sports agent contractor and consultant in his own practice. Then everyone Football Management, Inc. , where he was to close . President in 1997 He is the current president of Baja Dere unlimited and the best football . Joel Segal , besides having a net worth of $ 40 million is also considered as one of the most powerful sports agents in the world continuously .

3. John Branca - $ 50 million

John Branca was born in New York , but moved to California at the age of eleven. He was a member of a band as a teenager. It took a major in music in Los Angeles City College and Occidental College . He completed his studies at the UCLA Law School . Prior to specializing in entertainment law , first focused on estate planning . Switch it one of the most famous lawyers in the entertainment world did. John Branca has a net worth of $ 50 million.

2. Willie E. Gary - $ 100,000,000

Willie E. Gary is a motivational speaker , businessman and lawyer , born in Georgia. He graduated from Shaw University , where he received his Business Administration. He then went on to take the law , and graduated with a degree from the Central University of North Carolina . It has been reported that E. Willie Gary is worth $ 100 million. He is the man responsible for the opening and establishment of the first black law firm Martin County ' s .

1. Wichai the belt - $ 1.1 billion

Wichai deserves the belt number one on the list of world's richest lawyers to have a net worth of $ 1.1 billion . This is a significant jump from equity $ 100 million Willie E. Gary . He is best known as a businessman, but before you actually in this industry , he was a lawyer. He represented clients powerful as Thaksin Shinawatra , Thai Prime Minister . Wichai the belt is now one of the board members of companies like Bangkok Dusit Medical .
Top 7 Gaming Laptop : Best gaming laptops 2013

Top 7 Gaming Laptop : Best gaming laptops 2013

Best gaming laptops . We reviewed seven great laptops for gaming , and offer some gaming laptops in general buying tips .

Laptops are infinitely more popular desktop PCs these days . After all, if you want the performance you can get from a portable device that why go to an office space hogging the additional cost of the monitor and keyboard . There is a scenario where the desktop PC remains a vestige of popularity , however , and that is for PC Gamers .

But as processors , graphics cards and displays improved portable games are becoming increasingly popular . Get a laptop with gaming performance and can be moved from room to room , or take it to the house of their friends to play together. In this article we give some brief gaming laptops buying tips , and choose seven great laptops for gaming . Click on the links to the product name to see all the feedback from our gaming laptops .

Gaming laptops buying tips

To enjoy a good gaming performance you have some important things in your laptop . Unfortunately none of them cheap - expect to pay more than £ 800 for a gaming laptop halfway decent . Let us assume that the battery life and portability are less important , and we do not expect you to the game on the tube (use your smartphone for that) .

You can take your laptop and buying a custom manufacturer and specialist Chill Blast PC or give up, or go to a specific brand of games like Alienware .

The key is the performance . You will be looking for a Core i5 or i7 Intel Haswell recently alignment. And get as much RAM as it can - at least 4 GB , in our opinion. An SSD will help with the overall performance , too. These factors are responsible for the overall performance , and are a good start , but the key factor for the game in graphics performance . Ideally, you have an nVidia or ATI discrete graphics subsystem in your laptop . Haswell CPUs Intell SoC processors offer a decent graphics performance on your own , but for a gaming machine dedicted not skimp on the graphics.

You have to do something about the graphics: the screen is crucial here . For a great gaming experience , we recommend a 17 - inch screen , and you should look for a high - definition resolution . Another important factor to consider is matte or glossy . A matte screen is better for clarity of vision when the lights or as a natural light in the room , such as cheaper glossy screens tend to be much that is not your game performance will help reflect . Of course , you can connect to a separate monitor, but that does not detract from the point of having both a laptop !

You may want to connect a separate sound system , too. With the best multimedia notebooks will get a reasonable and subwoofer setup but the physical limitations of laptops makes it difficult to produce . Great sound So if you do not want to use to consider investing in a set of PC speakers headphones.

Now in our review of the seven good laptops for gaming , with no particular order ...

Best laptops for gaming : gaming laptops reviews

Toshiba Satellite P70

Revised : 13 September 6
Price : € 1,199 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
The Toshiba Satellite P70 is a 17 - inch laptop that has a good overall performance and game media credentials offers .

The Satellite P70 does not win awards for quality, design and durability visual structure , but excels in several other categories: the screen is excellent, the speakers are acceptable for a communication device , and there are plenty of energy inside - what this system treat quality of the media to play and work . It is worth considering or 15.6 Ultrabooks and other notebooks are not strong or versatile enough .

Chill Blast Messiah 17 GTX780M

Reviewed : August 29, 13
Price : € 1,799 IncludingVAT
Rating : Score - Score - 9 out of 10
Gaming performance of Messiah Chill Blast justifies its price . Read our Chill Blast Messiah 17 GTX780M review to learn more.

Chill Blast is a pity that it can not handle some interesting designs for their gaming laptops . However , the gaming performance of the Messiah does not justify the price , while their healthy memory and storage , along with features such as Blu - ray writer and a FireWire or you can handle demanding productivity tasks .

Alienware 17

Reviewed : July 19, 13
Price : € 2,284 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
There is no doubt that Alienware makes some of the most powerful and flashy gaming platforms available today , and the fact that the Alienware 17 lasts more than four hours of battery is a tribute to the efficiency of your processor Haswell . However , it is expensive , even by the standards of Alienware and only dropping the specification using the Custom option and construction on the site will reduce the price .

PC Specialist Optimus V

Reviewed : August 23, 13
Price :  € 879 VAT IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
PC Specialist Optimus V is listed as a conventional notebook , but the specifications of this notebook power Haswell will appeal to players of Windows.

Not the most portable of machines , and found it a bit loud in places. However , the general specifications of the PC Specialist Optimus V are very good, and the performances are usually mild and versatile. Usually you have to somehow above the point of £ 1,000 for all these functions can be found . If you want a large system with a 17.3in screen, it's a clever artist.

Schenker Notebook XMG A523 

Reviewed : June 11, 13
Price : £ 1000 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
The performance of both Haswell Intel Core i7 and GeForce GTX765M are impressive , and the promise of good things to the next generation of laptops . However , the gross weight of the A523 is still enigmatic. It is a shame that Schenker not invest much in the style and design of their laptops and not give up the last specification processors inside.

Scan 3XS LG155

Reviewed : July 24, 13
Price : €899 IncludingVAT
Rating:Rated 8 out of 10
Not cheap , but the LG155 offers the kind of gaming performance previously only seen from laptops cost more than £ 1,000 . And although it is quite large and heavy that offer better battery life than most gaming laptops , so it's worth considering if you feel the need to play on the move . Demanding 3D games

MSI CX61 ( 20D - 011UK ) 

Reviewed : July 22, 13
Price : € 699 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
If you are looking for a slim Ultrabook with battery life throughout the day and then the CX61 clearly not the laptop for you. However, if you substitute a powerful desktop system for work or for home entertainment needs will find that impressive performance at a very competitive price .