Friday, November 1, 2013

Airmobile 2.5 Flying car makes first test flight

A company in Bratislava , Slovakia is developing a flying car prototype that tries the shared dream of futurists reaching around the world : A functional road car that can easily transition to a plane .

Airmobile launched test flight images Airmobile 2.5, a two-seater with an engine of 100 hp Rotax 912. That may not seem powerful, but enough to make the tires on the ground and power rear-mounted propeller airplane mode to get .

According to Digital Trends Airmobile of 2.5 , a maximum speed of 124 kilometers per hour to reach with a reported range of about 430 kilometers in the air. Steel frame with carbon fiber body keeps the car in a slim 992 pounds .

The idea of folding retractable wings in a car is also promoted by Terrafugia , a company based in Woburn , Massachusetts his top-flight development Terrafugia Transition is a few years ahead of the Air 2.5, which is not yet ready for production .


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