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How to play Windows games on a Mac

Play games designed for Windows on your Mac will not be a hassle . There are a few ways to make that happen and a good selection of software out there to help you. Some virtualization methods are cheaper than others , but programs like CrossOver , Wine , Parallels and VMware will help you do the job. Check out our guide to help you choose the option that suits you you. See also Group test : What 's the best PC game ?

Play Windows games on a Mac with Boot Camp

Apple virtualization solution is very simple . By installing Boot Camp and Windows on your computer, you can run the Windows boot and start playing from there , if your system has the graphics power to keep . Apple says that Boot Camp is a good choice because it does not let the fight against the same performance issues that come with emulators .
You can install Windows and iOS side to side and switch between the two just using Boot Camp . During installation , the auxiliary tool is to host , without removing it from Mac . Partition a Windows operating system A disadvantage is that a reboot every time may change you. Operating systems , which is annoying
Apple Boot Camp is fully compatible with Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7 . You have the option to tell the operating system to default . Restart your computer The files of the programs that are installed will be sent to the operating system partition is active . Boot Camp is a licensed Windows installation disc , it may not be an option for some .

You can see our guide on how to boot with Windows 7 Mac dual or triple here .

Play Windows games on a Mac using Wine

Wine is a free open source alternative 1.4Wine and CrossOver they can save some money . The application is still in Beta , so here and there expect the occasional hiccup . Not all programs smoothly , but the product is still proving to be among the online users very popular.
Wine can access the contents of Windows on a Mac by creating separate prefixes for each application . It is not an application in itself, but a tool that allows your computer to run programs not be used. You will not be much of a performance drop experience either , which is ideal if you want to avoid delay of the game .
As with CrossOver , Wine struggle with new games and skills through previous versions . Be warned , while some applications will work normally, other cargo is all . Linux users need to visit our guide on how to run Windows programs on Linux with Wine .
The wine online database is particularly useful application . It contains the top 25 games and tools that work seamlessly on virtualization , along with fixes known bugs , email support , and a library on the application, the developer navigate . Big titles like World of Warcraft and Blizzard Bethesda Fallout 3 works very well in Wine .
More about Wine 1.4 here .

Play Windows games on a Mac with CrossOver

10This application designed by Code Weaver CrossOver Mac can install on your Mac PC. Many popular Windows applications and games CrossOver is a paid version of Wine , and serves as an alternative that comes with additional support and product updates .
You 'll be pleased to know that an affordable product . Can CrossOver trial for a period of two weeks and then there is a £ 25 price tag for the basic package to offer , giving you a month email support with the software itself .
CrossOver XI is the name of the latest version and it is fully compatible with the latest update for Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion . Linux users are in luck too, although the installation process takes a little longer . If you want to ensure that you are able to use your favorite programs before you will be , it is advisable to try the ' what works ? Feature on the site. Since the use of the tool , we found that CrossOver works with a good selection of popular games including : Team Fortress 2 The Elder Scrolls V : . Skyrim and Portal 2 Valve Steam Client games also supported.
Older applications play much better with CrossOver . If you want the latest versions of Microsoft software , such as Excel , Word and Powerpoint use , you're on a bumpy ride . Code Weaver team warns : " In our tests , we find that these applications have bugs that prevent it running smoothly . "
You do not need a Windows license to run CrossOver needed . Definitely a decent price , but in terms of functionality of the software is far from perfect .
More about CrossOver Mac Standard Edition 10 .

Play Windows games on a Mac with Parallels Desktop 7

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Review This is one of the most expensive we've found , but it works a treat . Parallels to run a Windows license but if you sort that out you will be rewarded with one of the softer parts of virtualization software out there . First time buyers will have to pay £ 65 , but the upgrade from earlier versions cost £ 35 . As with CrossOver , a trial version is available .
Mobile users can expand . Their experience in the use of the remote application The mobile application works with the iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch with internet connection and you can control from the palm of your hand your desktop. There is a slight decrease in visual quality , but the app is only £ 2.99 .
Although Parallels Desktop 7 is more expensive than the other programs that we have covered , is relatively easy to use and works well with most tasks . A recent update means that the program not only works with Apple Mountain Lion , but also build the current Windows 8 Preview .
Features include integrated store which to buy your Windows programs and the ability to Mac iSight camera from within the Windows operating system . The installation is very simple and Microsoft Office 2010 , which many other virtualization tools struggle with , works perfectly here .
You may have to pay more than CrossOver , but the features included with Parallels Desktop 7 justify the discharge. You can read our full review of Parallels Desktop 7 here.

Play Windows games on a Mac with VMware Fusion 4

VMware Fusion 4VMWARE offers customizable features that most virtualization programs we have seen . Costs £ 39.99 , offers a variety of features and user interface modes . You can choose from a full screen option , a viewing window mode Unity . VMware recommends Unity eye for most users , offering an experience " fully integrated " . Choose this option , and you do not see the Windows taskbar or icons . It will seem like you are using a Mac regularly to the untrained eye, but you will also work undercover windows.
If you've tried Parallels Desktop and fancy a change , allows you to import VMware virtual machines above . It is a useful function , taking into account the creation of new partitions from scratch may take a while . Also do not need to reboot when you change your operating system.
Fusion applications such as Microsoft Project , Access and Internet Explorer , but how they do in the game process ? VMware online reports suggest that may be involved in the execution of games smoothly temperamental. You should be able to use your peripherals , however , that the application only Windows USB devices such as gamepads and joysticks handle.
VMware Fusion 4 for Mac is £ 39.99 and you can try it for 30 days before deciding whether to make the purchase or not. The bundle package in the official product website offers a good value for money , which comes with 18 months of free email support and 12 - month free subscription to McAfee antivirus .


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