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Top 7 Gaming Laptop : Best gaming laptops 2013

Best gaming laptops . We reviewed seven great laptops for gaming , and offer some gaming laptops in general buying tips .

Laptops are infinitely more popular desktop PCs these days . After all, if you want the performance you can get from a portable device that why go to an office space hogging the additional cost of the monitor and keyboard . There is a scenario where the desktop PC remains a vestige of popularity , however , and that is for PC Gamers .

But as processors , graphics cards and displays improved portable games are becoming increasingly popular . Get a laptop with gaming performance and can be moved from room to room , or take it to the house of their friends to play together. In this article we give some brief gaming laptops buying tips , and choose seven great laptops for gaming . Click on the links to the product name to see all the feedback from our gaming laptops .

Gaming laptops buying tips

To enjoy a good gaming performance you have some important things in your laptop . Unfortunately none of them cheap - expect to pay more than £ 800 for a gaming laptop halfway decent . Let us assume that the battery life and portability are less important , and we do not expect you to the game on the tube (use your smartphone for that) .

You can take your laptop and buying a custom manufacturer and specialist Chill Blast PC or give up, or go to a specific brand of games like Alienware .

The key is the performance . You will be looking for a Core i5 or i7 Intel Haswell recently alignment. And get as much RAM as it can - at least 4 GB , in our opinion. An SSD will help with the overall performance , too. These factors are responsible for the overall performance , and are a good start , but the key factor for the game in graphics performance . Ideally, you have an nVidia or ATI discrete graphics subsystem in your laptop . Haswell CPUs Intell SoC processors offer a decent graphics performance on your own , but for a gaming machine dedicted not skimp on the graphics.

You have to do something about the graphics: the screen is crucial here . For a great gaming experience , we recommend a 17 - inch screen , and you should look for a high - definition resolution . Another important factor to consider is matte or glossy . A matte screen is better for clarity of vision when the lights or as a natural light in the room , such as cheaper glossy screens tend to be much that is not your game performance will help reflect . Of course , you can connect to a separate monitor, but that does not detract from the point of having both a laptop !

You may want to connect a separate sound system , too. With the best multimedia notebooks will get a reasonable and subwoofer setup but the physical limitations of laptops makes it difficult to produce . Great sound So if you do not want to use to consider investing in a set of PC speakers headphones.

Now in our review of the seven good laptops for gaming , with no particular order ...

Best laptops for gaming : gaming laptops reviews

Toshiba Satellite P70

Revised : 13 September 6
Price : € 1,199 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
The Toshiba Satellite P70 is a 17 - inch laptop that has a good overall performance and game media credentials offers .

The Satellite P70 does not win awards for quality, design and durability visual structure , but excels in several other categories: the screen is excellent, the speakers are acceptable for a communication device , and there are plenty of energy inside - what this system treat quality of the media to play and work . It is worth considering or 15.6 Ultrabooks and other notebooks are not strong or versatile enough .

Chill Blast Messiah 17 GTX780M

Reviewed : August 29, 13
Price : € 1,799 IncludingVAT
Rating : Score - Score - 9 out of 10
Gaming performance of Messiah Chill Blast justifies its price . Read our Chill Blast Messiah 17 GTX780M review to learn more.

Chill Blast is a pity that it can not handle some interesting designs for their gaming laptops . However , the gaming performance of the Messiah does not justify the price , while their healthy memory and storage , along with features such as Blu - ray writer and a FireWire or you can handle demanding productivity tasks .

Alienware 17

Reviewed : July 19, 13
Price : € 2,284 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
There is no doubt that Alienware makes some of the most powerful and flashy gaming platforms available today , and the fact that the Alienware 17 lasts more than four hours of battery is a tribute to the efficiency of your processor Haswell . However , it is expensive , even by the standards of Alienware and only dropping the specification using the Custom option and construction on the site will reduce the price .

PC Specialist Optimus V

Reviewed : August 23, 13
Price :  € 879 VAT IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
PC Specialist Optimus V is listed as a conventional notebook , but the specifications of this notebook power Haswell will appeal to players of Windows.

Not the most portable of machines , and found it a bit loud in places. However , the general specifications of the PC Specialist Optimus V are very good, and the performances are usually mild and versatile. Usually you have to somehow above the point of £ 1,000 for all these functions can be found . If you want a large system with a 17.3in screen, it's a clever artist.

Schenker Notebook XMG A523 

Reviewed : June 11, 13
Price : £ 1000 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
The performance of both Haswell Intel Core i7 and GeForce GTX765M are impressive , and the promise of good things to the next generation of laptops . However , the gross weight of the A523 is still enigmatic. It is a shame that Schenker not invest much in the style and design of their laptops and not give up the last specification processors inside.

Scan 3XS LG155

Reviewed : July 24, 13
Price : €899 IncludingVAT
Rating:Rated 8 out of 10
Not cheap , but the LG155 offers the kind of gaming performance previously only seen from laptops cost more than £ 1,000 . And although it is quite large and heavy that offer better battery life than most gaming laptops , so it's worth considering if you feel the need to play on the move . Demanding 3D games

MSI CX61 ( 20D - 011UK ) 

Reviewed : July 22, 13
Price : € 699 IncludingVAT
Rating : Rated 8 out of 10
If you are looking for a slim Ultrabook with battery life throughout the day and then the CX61 clearly not the laptop for you. However, if you substitute a powerful desktop system for work or for home entertainment needs will find that impressive performance at a very competitive price .


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