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How to Dual and Triple Boot Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X and Ubuntu 9.10 on a Laptop / Computer

How to Dual and Triple Boot Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X and Ubuntu 9.10 on a Laptop / Computer


This tutorial is aimed at people who have some to a lot of knowledge of computers, partitions and operating systems. If your computer can plan on formatting you consider my other hub :

The total time to do all this in 1 go should be around 3 + / - hours. I will post links on where to get the DVDs . ( Google ) .

/ / Ay Guys I installed the latest Ubuntu 10.04 and it works great with dualboot for those wanting to experiement or too nervous about going all the way .. yum :)

What do you need ....... to work

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  • A copy of iATKOS , iPC , Kalyway DVD (Snow Leopard not supported yet )
  • Windows 7 RTM DVD
  • Ubuntu 9.10 (latest ) DVD
  • A computer / laptop for decent work
  • A second internet source ( in case something goes wrong)
  • Printed version of this guide (unless viewing without another machine )
  • Irons Suggested Laptops are Dell , Acer and HP .


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I have no responsibility for any problems that you get to follow this tutorial to take. Following the tutorial comes with your laptop / computer machine under his own responsibility and desire to improve. agreement

Let's start 

Step 1: Install Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 is easy and should take between 15 minutes - 40 minutes ( depending on the device ) .

First you start with a Windows 7 DVD you've probably burned. Prefer erasing a hard drive and " clean installing " Windows there. Upgrade if you want it to be. Once installation is complete, reboot your machine and go directly to Windows . Configure Windows to your taste and install drivers if needed.

If you want Windows 7 , Ubuntu and Mac OSX (Triple Boot) go to step 2 .
If you want Windows 7 and Mac OSX (Dual Boot) go to step 3 .

Step 2 : Install Ubuntu (not necessary )

There are two main ways to install Ubuntu. I'm going to do it the way I find it easier and easier to use .

Log into your Windows and insert the Ubuntu Disk . If the installer opens automatically great. If not browse the disk and look for Wubi . Run Wubi and the installer appears . As an installation option "Install inside Windows " . This is the easiest way to install, even for the most novice of computer users. Ubuntu Select a drive (Use the same as Windows ) , select a minimum of 7 gigs of space for Ubuntu. Enter your user name and password for the new account. Installation takes about 30 minutes or less .

Reboot your machine and Ubuntu should appear under Windows 7 highlight it with the arrow keys and press Enter. Ubuntu start now. Install any nessesary programs , drivers and explore your new Ubuntu : ^ ) . Shut down the computer .

Congratulations so far have Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed and running properly . Grad a drink and food now .

Go to step 3 to install Mac OSX

Step 3 : Install Mac OSX

Boot into Windows 7 . In the Start menu search " computer management " (Here is where we partition a drive for Mac ) . In the left pane , select Disk Management and partition 15GB or more for Mac OSX. The partition must be formatted as FAT32 . Insert the disk and restart your Mac OSX system .

It begins in the Mac OSX disk . When prompted to install in type ' x' seconds " - v " without quotes. A bunch of writing should appear and stay on the screen for about 5 minutes or less .

When prompted Disk Utility in the top panel and select the partition you plan on installing Mac deleted. OSX Format the partition as Mac OS Journal. Close the window and select Install. Let it install, this should take about 20 minutes. Afterwards Mac OSX with boot, you will notice that the sound is not yet over and the resolution is higher.

Step 3: Install Mac OS X - continued -

Now it's up to you to install the drivers your new Hackintosh machine will require. For Dell Inspiron Users I'll be putting together a package for download to get the drivers. But some googling until then.

Almost finished , we headed to the final steps. When you reboot and select Windows you'll notice that you are not able to. Reboot your computer but insert the Windows 7 (or even Vista) and select " repair " when you make your load. Select " Startup repair " , this should take about a minute or so . Reboot and you'll notice Mac OSX is missing. Boot into Windows 7 and download a program called " EasyBCD " . Add Open the program and select the message (We'll add the Mac OSX entry . Substation select from the dropdown menu select Mac . "Boot ." Now reboot and go.


The last thing you need to do is update your programs and software on your OS . Has officially completed the Tutorial.

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