Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to change the iPhone and iPad Home screen icons The easiest way without jailbreak

When it comes to customization, iOS ecosystem is one of the least under furniture. In fact, the only way to apply any kind of theme or aesthetic impairment usually through a jailbreak, so if you can not, or simply do not want to enter the world of Cydia and its thousands of tweaks and themes you're pretty much stuck with what Apple has given us. Well, that should not necessarily be the case of a new application called iconic, which lets you change the appearance of the icons on the home screen, without the need for any jailbreak.

Once installed, iconic not only allows you to create icons fully customized home screen to up to 14,000 supported applications, but you can also add your own shortcut icons based on the actions that are regularly used. Iconic is a very intuitive, and with the support of numerous shortcuts for more than 200 applications, which really enhance your overall experience with iOS.

For example, if periodically sends a message to a particular person or often called, simply make an icon on the home screen for those particular actions. Then, when you click the icon, you can go directly to make a call or send a text to your friend.

There are many other actions as well, and if you can use your imagination, you could set the home screen to look and function exactly as you wish.

If you're more in tune the appearance of the icons, you can do a lot here too. Besides being able to draw, rotate and zoom, you can also use your own images in order to decorate your home screen.

Iconic is 99 cents for the first week, after which the price will double to $ 1.99. If you want some customization jailbreak-free, it's worth checking out, and if you take the time to configure hotkeys and adjust their icons, may offer higher screen together at home.

Iconic is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

(Download: iconic for iOS in the App Store)

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