Saturday, October 26, 2013

EA Battlefield 4 System requirements

DICE has a photo of the system specifications for Battlefield 4, which allows us to reduce the impact of all that Levoluting see tweeted . More importantly , it is a chance to try our brave PCs will go with any game that skydiving in the demilitarized zone that separates the old and new consoles . Will you be able to handle the next year of AAA games enhanced with new parts ?

What we have is by no means a definitive answer , but it is a useful early indicator of where we are.

This is what you need , at minimum and recommended flavors:

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What this suggests is that , if you take a dart and threw it built toward a collection of PCs or games released in the past 5 years , come to something that falls somewhere between the two . The minimum levels Battlefield 3 , with the exception of a blow of RAM , while the recommended is pretty significant increase - one that supposedly is specced for Windows 8 .

The real test is how to implement the systems known at the bottom of these requirements. We will not know that until November 1 , when the game starts .

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