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How does work Google glass

Back in early 2012, before the world heard of Google Glass, the technology world was ablaze with rumors that the search giant is beavering away on augmented reality glasses too.
As the days passed, it became clear that not only true, but is the technology that Google portable sleeping much, much closer than anyone imagined liberation.
To update a little over a year, and the first version was in the hands of developers have entered into a draw to shell out $ 1,500 for your own pair of glasses.
TechRadar was time to Google Glass Explorer, so you can get much more information here.
But what is Google Glass? Why is it that attracts attention and what are the consequences - good and bad - for a Google-eyed view of the world?
Google Glass: what you need to knowGoogle glass screen and prism

Google Glass: what you need to know

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is an attempt to free data desktops and portable devices such as phones and tablets, and set it before his eyes.
Basically, Google Glass camera, screen, touch screen, battery and microphone built into the eyeglass frame, so that you can adhere to the screen in his field of vision, film, photography, search and translate them on the go .
The principle is what has been present for decades in science fiction, and more recently it has become a bit awkward actually. In fact, the data of "heads-up display" in the field of vision became reality in 1900, but when the scene after invented.
Google Glass: what you need knowGoogle glass options
Glass display uses Google technology information center in front of (or, at least, in the upper right) complimentary screen vision prism. It is designed to be easily seen without compromising your vision. According to the perspective of Google, "equivalent to a high-resolution display 25 inches from eight feet away." There is no official word on the native resolution, 640 x 360, but widely discussed.
Superimposed in his vision document has obvious advantages, many of which are already implemented in Google Glass. Instructions to be intuitive (although it sounds as if there is no GPS on board, so you will need to sync with the phone), you can view real-time translation or transcription of what he said, and can scroll through and respond to posts - all in flight.
Google Glass: what you need to knowGoogle glass - sure to capture attention
Built-in cameras should not be necessary, of course, since it is easy to take the first-person perspective, allowing you to take snapshots or record what you see.
Can any function that requires you see on the screen in front of you.
Control of these data is the following trick. With microphone in hand and the touchpad on the frame, you can choose what you want to do a gesture or a brief chat with the device, and Google will interpret your commands glass.
Google crystal can also provide certified sound, bone induction technology. This skull vibrates to create a sound that is both sound terrible and much less bulky than traditional headphones.

Google Glass: what you need to know

What you can do with Google Glass?

As Google's own list of features, available applications soon for Google Glass orderly vision of the potential of the headphones.
Besides photography and film - not necessarily explain - you can use the software for Google Hangout video conference with your friends and show them what you're watching.
You will be able to use Google Maps for directions, while GPS is absent from the list of specifications, you will have to spin the glass on the phone.
"Glass is fresh and new Yes, it is. Is the machine that will change your life, or even to be useful to the average consumer? 'S suspect."

To accomplish this, Google offers MyGlass applications. The pair of headphones with an Android phone. As well as some GPS data, this means that messages can be received, displayed on the screen, and responded with a microphone and voice to text functionality Google.
Google has prospered glass projects DNNresearch buying specialist determined voice.
This function will also be given the ability to translate the words spoken to you in your own language on the screen. You obviously need wifi connection at the same rate or heavy if you are in another country, but certainly a good trick if it works.
Third parties also developed a number of applications already pretty cool / scary for Google Glass - including one that lets you identify your friends in a crowd, and the other allows you to dictate e-mail.
New York Times app for the news that will be displayed when asked about the title, the author's signature, the appropriate images and the number of hours the article says.
Google Glass: what you need to knowGoogle glass - another reason not to miss your flight
Among other ideas fresh airline received the praise he could fly a flight data smiling at you while you wait at the airport. Basically, the sky is the limit.
If you want to know if Google Glass was good - TechRadar Alex Roth spent time with the device and said the following:
"Glass is fresh and new Yes, it is. Is the machine that will change your life, or even to be useful to the average consumer? 'S suspect."

Google Glass: what you need to know
What are the specifications of Google Glass?

As discussed 640 × 360 display, a 5MP snapper integrated camera can record at 720p.
Battery life is similar to that of the day, although it is unlike the usual "typical", probably burned out long videoing.
There is 16 GB of flash memory on the device, while 12 GB only available for user storage. The device will automatically sync with Google Drive in the cloud
Bluetooth and WiFi will be added, but there is no GPS chip - glass, so it probably will work best Android phone, although it can be paired with any Bluetooth phone.

The frame comes with adjustable nosepads replacement and hopefully both lightweight and strong. It will also be a touch screen hand.
The transmission of sound production by bone conduction - the skull vibrates to let your ears.
To have micro USB cable and charger for dev versions, and all the specifications above are expected to reflect on the consumer versions when they come.
Finally, Google Glass will come in five colors: charcoal, tangerine, slate, cotton and Sky. The use of glass in search of the possibility that the clever marketing speak simple English, which is black, orange, gray, white and blue.
Google Glass: what you need know Google glass come in five colors

Google Glass: what you need to know

What is the price of Google Glass?

Google Glass Explorer (development version sent now) costs $ 1,500 - about 985 pounds or AU $ in 1449.
Consumer version, which is expected to end 2013 is expected to be a bit more expensive, although prices were still very speculative. They tend to be super cheap - but success can Google Nexus 7 tablet to encourage businesses to subsidize part of the cost.
Google Glass: what you need to knowGoogle glass - Coming to develop with you (if you live in the U.S.)
When the release date Google Glass?

Was not the final release date of the release, but sources say that the original proposal of 2014 is really too pessimistic and we could see Google Glass arrives in time for the end of the 2013th So start your letter to Santa prepare.
Google Glass: what you need to knowGoogle glass - strong enough?
I already wear glasses. Google Goggles works for me?

Yes - Google is already working on the design version include prescription lenses.
Google Glass: what you need knowGoogle glass glasses

Google Glass: what you need to know

Who put the competition?

Of course, with something as high profile as Google Glass, all major construction companies a competitor.
Apple and Microsoft are clearly rival Google - and the two are rumored to be working on their own equivalents. Sony has gone so far as to patent both glass movement. Vuzix, Oakley and Baidu, and other potential competitors registered in glass, and not the last. In fact, one of the prepares Taiwanese manufacturer Oculon cheaper version, the higher spec'ed (ahem).
Google Glass: what you need knowThere many competitions going on
Interestingly, Google is able to see his successor in the crystal if the patent is to be believed. The patented design is more like regular glasses, after the style of the potential competitors of Google.

Project Glass is bad?

It is clear that any new technology there is potential for abuse - and Google Glass, of course, some difficulties of intimacy.
Of course, Google will tell you that you only need the functionality that we have in our portable devices and providing more easily.
Google Glass: what you need knowGoogle glass - is it bad?
Many will come down to personal preference. For many, the opportunity to save someone from their glasses to be uncomfortable, as reported and transcribed interviews will be discord and turning face detection would clearly be problematic.
Google has published some information on how to know when to save people through the device, which should eliminate some people fear that using the device as a mechanism perving.
Basically, if there is light in the glass of Google then filming or taking a photo.
Strip Club, and you will earn the advertising ban was glass cheap preventive TechRadar columnist Gary Marshall said it looked so good on Google Glass is fear and why.


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