Friday, July 26, 2013

How to install Ubuntu in Windows 8 or Windows

Offering pre with windows 8 with their PC also introduced a controversial modifications under the hood - safe start. Safe Start is a technology that is included in a new computer with Windows 8 official sticker. This is to check if your computer has a certified operating system is installed, try to boot. This may prevent the system from running any "non-certified" (or distrust) operating system, reducing the risk of malicious code to run at startup.

The idea itself is reasonable, but it completely ignores the fact that the PC is more than just Windows can run - there'sLinux, BSD variants, as well as a large number. Since the implementation of the standards, Linux developers are working hard to support it, so that people can continue to use install. Your favorite Linux distribution
If you try a conventional safety guide that works for you to install, great! If not, then you need to try something else. The specification was developed by Microsoft states, to be certified for Windows 8, you must allow off. The user to technology Therefore you should be able to boot the system BIOS, and find safe startup and disable. You keep any Windows partition on the system is still active, but it's just a little theory to reduce. System security
Turn this feature, you must allow the Ubuntu install and run without problems. Remember to guide you in UEFI mode install media, instead of BIOS mode, to preserve the unity, Windows 8 already installed on your system in UEFI mode.

If you need to re-enable the safe start

From here you have two options - to keep your system in a slight increase, safety boots and safety risks or attempt to secure to boot. You are welcome to try to open it, and if you choose to do this, because you can always take it off when not load the Ubuntu.

Fix your boot options

If you have a window next Ubuntu, you will probably need to update your boot configuration so that it can identify Windows, especially in safe boot environment correctly. You can easily solve a problem starting the repair tool.
You need the PPA (Personal Information Base), and the installation before you add it. You can do it all, and launch the utility by the following command:
sudo add-simple PPA repository: yannubuntu / Startup Repair && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install-Y Startup Repair, and then run Startup Repair to start it.
From here you can click on the "Recommended repair", or go to the "Advanced" option, and make sure the "Safe Boot" option is enabled (only if you choose to turn it back on again). I hope, a after another restart, you should be good to go!
Unfortunately, support for secure boot is not perfect, so you need a bit of luck, see if you can get it to work, enabling technologies well. Otherwise you will have to make some sacrifices and disable secure boot but I do not think this is too difficult decision, because I just, have been. Without the benefits of technology There is always a security measure created complications really worth using for their own personal problems.
You successfully installed Ubuntu is safe startup? You have everything you want to try to install a system? Ubuntu Let us know in the comments!


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