Friday, October 11, 2013

Top 10 Android and iOS Games ! page2

4. Happy Street
Lab Godzi A wonderful game where you can make friends, collect things whimsical and make a life for your character . You get to build your own city and go on special missions. It's like Animal Crossing with even more things to do .


For all the old school Zelda fans out there, this could be your new game ! The action RPG takes you on a crazy adventure and you can choose from five different versions . There is a rumor that the story will continue in a sixth version , but has not been confirmed .

6 . Unblock Me

A fun puzzle game that will keep you going brains . The goal is to find a way to get a single red block to get caught in the middle of some removal find . Other blocks Once unlocked , you will reach the next level, but each level gets harder .


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