Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Round officially announced : Features 5.7 - inch curved screen , Android 4.3 and more [ VIDEO ]

There has been much speculation that Samsung is about to announce a curved screen . About a device We have the information leaked by insiders , as well as previews strange device covered in case, but we now have official word that the smartphone actually exists . Samsung itself has announced that the Galaxy Round is in production and will be released . Almost immediately in Korea

Besides being a very powerful smartphone , will feature main shopping Galaxy Round distributed with curved OLED screen. Public relations and marketing departments of Samsung , no doubt, play on the fact that the Tour 's first smartphone on the market with a flexible AMOLED HD screen will be. It is easy to think that this new announcement from Samsung will be a one trick pony , but taking a look at the spec sheet makes reading fun.

The existence of the curved screen on the device will more than likely a feature of polarization that you know when we see if it offers a benefit other than because of the flexibility flexibility . The remainder of the apparatus , but certainly appeal of the masses. The round comes in a stunning 7.9 mm thick, with a weight of 154 grams . That's about 40 grams heavier than the recently released Apple iPhone 5 , but still light enough to be used as an everyday device . The rear camera adds to the overall specification of 13 megapixels , with sending the device with Android 4.3 .

3GB of RAM on board and a quad -core 2.3 GHz would give power users the Vuelta will be looking for , but the price and the limited availability of land , even some stop considering the device . Samsung , the device is available in South Korea to do with a sticker price ₩ 1090000 and Brown Luxury external finish. For sale tomorrow It is difficult to predict how consumers will respond to the Galaxy Round . Only from the aesthetic point of view , the phone looks stunning and has clearly behind to suit him. Technical specification

One thing Samsung forgot to mention when , or even if , we can expect an international release of the Galaxy Round . Fingers crossed for the world's largest maker of smartphones take this for all of us at some point .


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