Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Apple iPhone 5C is officially, a plastic and colorful iPhone for $99

The new iPhone - 5C is finally official . After months of rumors and speculation , Apple has chosen to present its latest smartphone today at a special event in Cupertino. CEO Tim Cook is detailed in iOS7 , noting that Apple is "working hard to complete iOS7 " in time for its launch on September 18 before PHLL Shiller invited on stage to unveiled the new iPhone 5C . It looks identical to the leak case seen recently and shared with a plastic support and a variety of colors.

The back and sides of the device are made of a single piece, with a choice of green, white , blue, red and yellow . Shiller says "will not see the seams, or a few lines , or binds ," and the device is made of hard - coated polycarbonate. Apple caps also have a silicone rubber enclosing soft touch handset. The cases, priced at $ 29 each, also offer an additional option of color, besides the usual colors of the iPhone 5C .

Like the iPhone 5 , Apple is selling the iPhone 5C with 4 - inch Retina Display and the A6 processor . It has the same 8 - megapixel rear camera , but Apple has chosen better FaceTime HD camera on the front that is designed to improve video calls and self-portraits. The 5C also includes support for " more bands every two LTE smartphones in the world " , according to Apple , suggesting that this particular iPhone will be made worldwide . Available in general

In an introductory video on the process of design and engineering for the iPhone 5C , Jony Ive "iPhone 5C is beautiful , unashamedly plastic . " He says it's essentially an iPhone 5 in a plastic housing with a camera enhanced front apple is the positioning at a price lower than the new iPhone 5S . A 16GB model will be available , while the 32GB version is priced at $ 199. A $ 99 Apple still has not named a release date for the iPhone 5C .

" 5C IPHONE is wonderful, plastic insolence . "

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