Thursday, September 12, 2013

iPhone 5s , iPhone 5c battery life compared to the iPhone 5

Battery life is an important aspect of any mobile device , although I must say , that does not always keep on top of a relationship , and maybe I should. Even today , consumers rarely considerations battery until it's too late - instead blinded by some impressive features redundant , so often. With us in the period between the iPhone 5s and the announcement and release of 5c , we can really take the time to the small details of the two newcomers evaluate the roster Apple smartphone , according to documents filed FCC discovered by AnandTech , both phones offer superior battery life of the iPhone 5 .

The new iPhone 5s badge offers 10 percent more capacity than the iPhone 5 is already outdated , and while the new hardware can be easily immersed in a part of that space , the M7 coprocessor compensate for this by manipulating tasks in the plane .

5c The iPhone has a 5 percent hit, which , although not a significant improvement , it is still more than welcome . The budget unit , for all purposes , almost identical to the iPhone 5 , but it's good to see that Apple has to stabbing in increasing the amount of time consumers their devices can use some energy.

With cameras and processors always improve , suppliers have found it increasingly difficult to tap without simply adding ridiculously large 3000 mAh battery + things. But with Apple hardware form of the software and vice versa , the company can get away with the bare minimum when it comes to the battery , and given the iPhone 5s juice - o-meter still maxes out at 1570 mAh , hopefully enough to to use . full day

Personally I am quite surprised Apple even bother improving battery iPhone 5 to iPhone 5c , and given that the (slightly ) cheaper than its predecessor , with excellent value for money. Whether consumers will buy into it, nobody knows, but for now , we will have to wait to fall before a decent evaluation of low to iPhone 5s hype - can cost model .

iPhone 5c - official specifications battery

Meanwhile, to improve on both fronts , the battery and the iPhone have been since the battery problems in the past , discussed the new devices can hopefully put each call .

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