Thursday, September 12, 2013

iOS 7 GM ( Gold Master) The iPhone 5 - first impressions

All the talk now is understandably centered around two new smartphones that Apple unleash the world on 20 September. The iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c officially unveiled by Phil Schiller Apple campus in Cupertino yesterday, and both will no doubt be very popular with buyers next week . While the hardware is certainly eye-catching , new mobile phones are more than a few new features or fancy plastic. There also iOS 7 .

I use the beta versions of iOS 7 from the first day , and I keep everyone informed of how they have progressed since iOS 7 beta 1 through 7 iOS 6 beta until this morning . Now , however , my iPhone 5 is the latest and the most recent version of iOS will see 7 - 7 Gold Master iOS .

The final version of iOS 7 and bar changes the version to be launched on 18 September , at the last moment , the GM stable as stable , and there should be no surprises regarding features as the big launch comes . Apple is still Apple , however, so do not rule out anything at this point .

So , iOS 7 download GM after the event was launched yesterday , and have been using for a few hours . What 's new? Well, not much , actually . You've probably seen the new funds have been added , and most clearly focused on new and more colorful iPhone 5c phones will go on sale next week . They are fine and everything , but do not tend to sit too well in my black iPhone 5 - especially the bright red ! However, if you really love bright colors , or color blind , then it is quite possible that you like what you see .

There are new ringtones and alert , too. Usually you will find newly renovated versions of all the classics , which is fine . The new shades especially given a big thumbs up , but it's not exactly going to everybody rush to the competition to buy an iPhone. However , something new is an advantage.

As with other beta versions, the main change is the speed at which things happen . The animations seem to be cut shorter again , and things are back to previous betas are flexible. Apple seems to have been tweaking things all the beta process , seeks a middle ground between speed and fancy animations to look like . I prefer to work quickly things have a number of slides down and look at my screen before I can do anything, but maybe I'm the only one who thinks so .

Now we are just one week away from iOS 7 is something that everyone can get their hands on , and I think people will like. Once dissonant icons have in the minds of everyone and that everyone is used to the new colors , I'm sure it will come to admit that iOS 7 feels more modern , more alive than in previous versions of Apple 's mobile operating system . Not perfect , but better .

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