Friday, November 8, 2013

Facebook 'likes' : The thumb is gone

( CNN ) - Pop Poll : Which buttons are more than 22 billion times a day , embedded in 7.5 million websites ?
Answer: Facebook Like and Share , according to new figures released by the network. And now the most widespread online icons are both getting their first redesign ever .

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The biggest difference you'll notice right away : thumb button is gone I like . Instead , it appears in the dialog box, click the button with the number of Likes your post or page have .

The new button with the Facebook logo " f " instead . It is white on a blue background , blue instead of white , like new action button . The Share button , the Facebook Send button to replace - as too confusing .
The reason for the redesign ? The new version is optimized for high resolution screens , according to Peter Yang , product manager of Facebook , in the comments section of the blog post on Facebook announcing the change.
Users should start seeing changes in this 7.5 million websites as it rolls over the coming weeks .
This article originally appeared in Mashable .


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