Saturday, November 9, 2013

Google outs two new Nexus 7 2013 ads , reminds the tablet still exists [ VIDEO ]

Google has launched two new ads hit the Internet , but they are not what one would expect given that the company has a brand new smartphone in stores now , the new Android 4.4 Nexus wearing 5 .

Instead of pushing his newly released smartphone Nexus 5 ads , Google has decided to give the air to contact the Nexus 7 its line of tablets is the star of the show in two new ads that focus on only two of different using the device.

The two ads , titled " In Game " and " Center Stage " , both managed by only 31 seconds , but do exactly what they plan to do - to remind that , although all the iPad mini refresh is just around the corner , and there is a pretty nice 7 inch tablet on the market that people can get their teeth. Not a bad choice at all or even with the fancy Retina display New iPad mini and A7 chip considered .

The reasons for advertising the Nexus 7 before 5 g Nexus , we think the idea that Google is aware of the competition from the iPad mini is as good as any. Lack of Nexus 5 will not be can also be a good reason to spend any money on advertising something that can not do enough available - not that you can sell through increased exposure , if you do not have to sell more, right?

Whatever the reason for the renewed advertising push Google Nexus 7 should not be rejected because Apple has redefined the small field mini iPad tablet with Android renewed unless simply just not for you . Google ads may somehow try to be changing his mind . And also , the Nexus 7 offers great value for money to those who ask , and is something we can not rule out either when under many cases , taking into account what the Play Store to offer when it is compared directly with iTunes Store.

We have two ads for viewing recorded , so look for yourself .

After seeing the ad, guess what, you still keep Mini iPad as a viable option in the new Nexus 7? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section


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