Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Nokia Lumia 1520

We went back to the realm of phablets , which initially seemed little more than a short burst of action promise , has become the scene of some of the most exciting fights of this industry has seen . The confrontation that we are about to witness , although it could be the climax and a new beginning , all at once properly. A new dimension of a rivalry that is already going on for years , but is now hotter than ever .

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came from all fights , without even a scratch. The alignment defined the segment and the third generation is a terrain image impressive sound still probably the best video of a phone can produce , conserve power and plenty of features for value-added software . The S Pen also makes note 3 Set to artists and creative in a way almost would each device.
Nokia has just the phablet space , but at last count , now that Microsoft has finally taken the platform to speed , bringing years of design and quality of graphics support for ultimate processing power and screen resolution . What once took N and E series at the top of the food chain smartphone must be running in the veins of the Lumia 1520 too.
Ironically, the phablets where Windows Phone is finally able to stand up to Android in a meaningful manner , without preconditions . In the end , but it could not be more appropriate for this theater . A fight that never happened. An assassin droid droid against a murderer .

Nokia Lumia 1520 over the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • A little more screen space
  • Bigger camera sensor - 1/2.5 " vs. 1/3/06 " and a higher resolution - 20MP vs 13MP
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • FM Radio
  • Superior battery life
  • Four microphone settings , audio recording WDR
  • Offline maps and voice-guided navigation

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 over the Nokia Lumia 1520

  • S - Pen stylus and a good backup software
  • noticeably cheaper
  • Compact - 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm vs 162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7 mm
  • Lighter - 168 g vs 209 g
  • More RAM - 3 GB vs 2 GB
  • 64 GB storage integrated version
  • Chipset sync slightly higher - 2.3 GHz vs 2.2 GHz
  • 4K ( 2160p ) video recording @ 30fps 1080
  • 2 MP front camera 1.2 MP 720p vs 1080p one
  • The temperature and humidity sensors
  • Infrared port for remote control functionality

Be powered by the same 800 Snapdragon chipsets these two and have big screens in full HD . It's ClearBlack Super AMOLED vs LCD , PureView at S Pen , Samsung against Nokia , Android to Windows Phone . Applications and services is where the battle will deliver. Pure View and behind it , Nokia Music , Nokia Drive and Microsoft Office against pen-enabled applications and features , the latest goodies TouchWiz and Google services .
Samsung Galaxy Note vs Nokia Lumia 1520 3 Samsung Galaxy Note vs Nokia Lumia 1520 3 Samsung Galaxy Note vs Nokia Lumia 1520 3 Samsung Galaxy Note vs Nokia Lumia 1520 3
Both devices at headquarters
What will decide , however, this is perhaps between the lines of the spec sheets , and the battle will be one to watch , we promise .


We have fair share of articles from head to head done us this year , but there is no better way to complete the look of the two mightiest beasts phablet work against each other . Sherlock Holmes vs. Professor Moriarty mobile world and we felt lucky to make . Battle from the first row with
The Nokia Lumia 1520 for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 actually gave useful phones , productivity tools , cameras , cinema halls , the party is compared . It was , after all, only on the comparison of two devices here - was as much about the clash between the Windows and Android platforms .
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came into the game with two distinct advantages . The first thing is that Android is much more mature at this point and just came better prepared for battle - it had all the applications, the better browser , better messaging , better video and music playback software , and was willing to do anything to win , which allow you to choose which application will be the only downfall . Google's platform is all about versatility and in a way it's the perfect complement to the versatile nature of the devices allows phablets .
The other thing that helped the Galaxy Note 3 is that Android can be customized the user interface and functionality as each manufacturer deemed necessary. That gave Samsung the opportunity to spend a lot of value with things like multi - tasking window and S - Pen .
WP with no custom skins allow Lumia 1520 can be just as strong as the weakest of Windows Phone . However, Nokia did everything in his power to add character , making a stellar camera aboard the Lumia 1520 to go with a custom high-end applications , such as here and Drive.
That being said, we were very impressed with how the Windows Phone ecosystem has matured in recent times , and although still a lot of work to do to catch up with Android , which very few large gaps that still has .

Add more balanced package software Note Galaxy 3 very closely together with the hardware on both devices , Samsung makes the best way phablet . In many markets, the phablet stylus - touting is also considerably cheaper with the difference in Europe are at least € 150 . So by all accounts Koreans will be retained in the category that you have created for another year the title.
But that does not really tell the whole story . On the one hand, there are regions like the U.S. where Nokia was able to obtain a much better position for Lumia 1520 by the commercial availability for a better price . So while the Finnish phablet is only available on AT & T 's , it's much cheaper in the contract and a very smart purchase .
Then there is the fact that the TouchWiz interface is quite some time and with full functionality , there are certainly people are tired of it and looking for a fresh alternative . These can go for the Nokia Lumia 1520 with the certainty that it is a good phablet that not only offer a stellar user experience , but also boast over .
In a sense , this is Nokia's big win here - after years of waiting , we finally have a non - top-end Lumia celebrate commitment . Those who are nothing more than a Nokia smartphone that stand against the most powerful smartphones in the world did , finally .
Anyway , back to the issue at hand - which one to buy . Count the number of revolutions that each device is the easy way to do it , but not the one that yields the best results . Instead, focus on those who really care for her pattern for single use and it works only . Better yet - read the whole chapter and see what we have to pick up a device to the other - maybe not all apply to you , and you call the different score . Only then can you be sure that you have the phablet truth precisely chosen for you.


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