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how to create your first blog - To choose which platform ?

Right . So here is a topic that has been dragged through now . Around long But it never seems to go out of fashion , like every year more and more people are entering the blogosphere . Recent trends have changed mentalities oriented employment , and have inspired entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is high time that people need to look for alternative sources of income , or even a productive hobby that they are rewarded for their time and effort . Therefore, in this post , we'll walk through the new users in creating and making your first blog , and choosing the platform.

It is worth blogging ?

That depends on how you do it in reality . The key behind blogging is hard work and dedication . Each job has two ingredients , but blogs are more than anything . If you are willing to give to your blog, 365 days a year , a couple of hours or so each day, only then can you expect to get . Decent pay check

Reward is something that comes later . So blogging determination necessary to wait for the time with all the hard work and without hope of an immediate reward. Numerous people on blogs simply because they want to " get rich quick " . Do you realize that there is no easy way out. And if you prefer not to invest so much time and effort then I am afraid that blogging is not for you .

However , if you want , and you want to create your own blog then this is something that you should read before you blog .

The selection of a platform

This is a very important question that must be resolved before moving forward , because ultimately affect their growth. Although there are several blogging platforms available out there , two of the most used and recommended are Blogger and WordPress .

The debate between Blogger and WordPress are many , and one that never ends . In fact , different people have different opinions and different reasons for holding one of the two platforms . However, the decision is ultimately down to the type of user you are and what you do with your blog .


Blogger is the best choice for you if you are a novice user . It is easy to implement , and the learning curve is very comfortable . Blogger is highly configurable and do not need any skill - to use set. Anyone can create a blog. Blogger And best of all , there is little or no investment required . For your blog , you just have to buy , which is worth $ 10 , plus or minus a few dollars a domain name.

Another great thing I like about Blogger is fairly easy to adjust it. There is a code template that can be edited to change . The look of your blog And the application is fairly clean and efficient. Blogger is optimized for search engines with clear social integration .

However, there is a catch . Blogger is limited in the sense that it is not for programmers . Can PHP or ASP scripts are not on your blog, or you can see a database . There is a limit to the number of individual pages , and the number of users you can have.


WordPress is a very powerful open source software that can be customized in many ways. And best of all , it supports PHP, so is the number one choice for programmers and web developers. You can make your WordPress site . Highly dynamic content or database applications flexible data Therefore, it is preferred by businesses and companies, where the functionality of the highest priority .

However , the learning curve is pretty steep. WordPress can be difficult and challenging. Even the smallest adjustment can take a lot of time and effort . And because the software is updated , the plugins that you are currently using may not work well with the next update . Therefore, the end result will be a lot of time debugging and find solutions.

WordPress also need to invest a lot of money . You should not just buy a domain , hosting . And if you want full customization , you need to buy a frame. So even startup investment can go up to $ 150 - $ 300 - not to the continued investment in subscription renewal hosting , software , etc. mention .

(Note : There are two types of free WordPress blogs ( www.yourblog.wordpress.com ) , and self-organized ( www.yourblog.com ) free blogs are hosted on WordPress.com , and they are very restrictive as they serve just ... a demonstration of self- hosted blogs ( WordPress.org ) . In this post , we have the self - hosted blogs , which are fully customizable , and WordPress blogs is not free )

So essentially , between Blogger and WordPress , Blogger is the best choice for beginners. WordPress requires a lot of time, effort and resources . But Blogger is free ( except for the domain) . Not that Blogger blogs can not professional. This blog is run on Blogger . And you can see how much customization you've done . So WordPress is best for the websites of the business and corporate sector , while Blogger is better for people who have little or no experience in the development. Therefore, we suggest you choose Blogger and WordPress does not .
Your First Blog

Creating a Blogger blog is very simple.

  • Login or register with Blogger.com
  • Once in the Control Panel , click the New button on the left blog .
  • Now you will see a popup window asking you to enter show . Title and the address of your blog Fill in the fields and then select a global template .

  • You are done ! Now you can start writing good content on your blog .

For questions about blogging ? Ask in the comments below , and stay tuned for more of our messages in this series of blogs we will discuss . Different aspects of blogging greetings :)


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