Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nokia's former employees are Newkia , dedicated to building Android devices

If you have been hiding a combination of hardware and software for Nokia Android , your dream can  ( finally ) released . Apparently, the former CEO of Asia Pacific , Nokia , Thomas Zilliacus , another company launched several other former employees from Nokia and is calling the company Newkia . The important thing to remember about Newkia , however , is that they will not build Android phones that run the Microsoft software .

Zilliacus says it tried to raise funds to buy a Nokia since before Microsoft funds stepped in and bought the company , but could not compete with the supply of MS . The consolation is that there are some investors who believe that a combination of Nokia and Android has the potential to succeed , so do not think Zilliacus secured financing for the new company will be much of a hassle . If everything goes according to plan , he wants the company to be fully operational in 2014 , thereby potentially " Newkia " have a phone except holidays next year . Wishful thinking ? Could be.

Technically , because Microsoft just bought Nokia hardware division while driving (do not buy ) its patent portfolio , there is an opportunity for another company to do business as Nokia PureView technology in other smartphone camera yet. Regardless of whether Nokia would license its superior technology as a company that will compete against Microsoft remains to be seen , but hey , anything is possible.

What do you think? Do you want with Android to buy a Nokia or are you happy with another OEM choice? Personally I do not start as Newkia have the money or power to compete in the Android ecosystem . We have seen that the marketing budget business build premium or truly innovative features. Asks one of the many equipment manufacturers vying for the top spot from Samsung in the market .

Source : Channel NewsAsia

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