Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 Release Date Announced, Movie officially by Sony

All conversations between the players in these times of what Sony has up its sleeve for the launch of the PlayStation 4 at the end of this year, but that does not mean that fans of the franchise Gran Turismo have nothing more to wait.

With the PlayStation 4 to be released in less than three months, Sony officially announced during a game of Gran Turismo is in the works, the players will also be able to see a GT-themed film capable but there is still nothing to suggest that when the movie will be available. In summary, no specific date, but the presence of the film is always confirmed.

It is set in a feature film, the movie is made Gran Turismo by Polyphony head Kazunori Yamauchi together filmmakers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti. Gran Turismo 6 is the sixth country in the PlayStation 3 December, but no confirmation by the time the game will be released alongside the film. Mysteriously

Sony has the existence of the film announced at the Gamescom event in 2013, and although the company is offering some details about what the movie Gran Turismo may take, we are confident players will easily be generated, even with the limited data we are currently using.

It was in July of this year, when we first heard of the fame of the film Gran Turismo, but at that time it was not clear who was working on it and the details were rather scarce. With a need for film sensitivity also in the works, it was a matter of time before Sony actually done something. And here is the answer!

Gran Turismo is one of the driving simulation games more popular on the planet, and Sony hopes the film will be played in the same market of enthusiasts like Gran Turismo games. Without knowing the details of what the film will be included except the news that fast cars can be seen, we are now left to worry about what form our own minds the finished article in. Given the rather erratic history of the game with movie tie-ins, but we will not get too excited until we know a bit more about what Sony has in store.

And with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just around the corner, the movie Gran Turismo take something of a back seat for now!

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