Friday, August 23, 2013

8 Google Chrome extension to increase your productivity

Images do only what is visible on the monitor. If you want to take a full web page could not be easier to use. This useful extension


We ship all things for ourselves and memories. This little button makes it easy to pop your link in Gmail message.

Need a distraction-free text editor? This is life in your browser. You can adjust the color and font scheme but otherwise, this is simplicity at its best.
The data is stored locally, so you do not need an Internet connection. The program automatically saves persistent and can import text files as needed.


Great for web designers, Chroma shows complementary colors based on hex or RGB values. No need to run Photoshop just to find the perfect magenta.


If you already use Google Voice, this extension may change your life.
Check your voicemail mailbox, of course, but the browser plug-in you can also call on a phone number. In the web of his line of Google Click it, select the phone you want to use, and will call you. Response, and you will be connected to the person you are trying to achieve.
It's great to be ordered via Yelp or Google results. Lunch


LastPass is a password storage application popular, but you get more functionality by connecting to your surroundings Chrome.
Open all stored passwords in an instant, or authorize LastPass to secure any kind on the web that you fill frequent.


In those rare moments when you need to print a web comics anthology friendly and distilled to important content. The result is a more readable, without the blank pages wasted at the end.


Doing research with 20 tabs open? There is no easy way to gather in one place without copy / paste URLs these sites one by one. That's where comes in. Packager Tab URL Gather everything you see and they can refer to more landfills. On a website only

Google Chrome browser is the go-to for many, especially those who work on the web. Despite its speed and functionality of liquids, we are always looking for shortcuts that we can save on repetitive and mundane tasks. Time Less copy / paste or emails every day will be. Efficient in the long term

We tested a strip of extensions to the productivity of the Chrome Web Store, and these eight instruments are marked as a way to save time. This Chrome extension are free, so take yourself and see if they fit into your workflow.

If you have any suggestions, we are open to them in the comments.

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